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For several years there has been talk of a so-called time of purification, i.e. a special phase that will reach us sometime in this or even the coming decade and should accompany part of humanity into a new age. People who, in turn, are well developed from a consciousness-technical point of view, have a very pronounced mental identification and also have a connection to Christ consciousness (a high state of consciousness in which love, harmony, peace and happiness are present), should "ascend" in the course of this purification “, the rest would miss the boat and perish as a result of this phase. But what is it about this time of purification, will such a phase really reach us and if so, what will happen then?

The time of purification

The time of purificationWell, the fact is that humanity has been in a purification process for several years and is going through various phases. From a spiritual point of view, many people are developing rapidly and freeing themselves from all the burdens that keep clouding our own state of consciousness and keeping us trapped in a low frequency plays a crucial role for more and more people. But before this liberation from our own burdens occurs, i.e. a removal of mental blockages and karmic entanglements - which can even partly be traced back to past lives, we first begin to deal with the meaning of life again. In this way we develop a certain spiritual interest again and deal with the big questions of life, question our existence and, above all, the system in which we find ourselves. Afterwards, we gain more and more insights and we gain a much deeper insight into our own lives (we realize that all the answers are not on the outside, but in our innermost being). You get answers to some crucial questions and you experience a striking expansion of your own mind (a massive spiritual expansion through which we gain increased access to our very personal truth).

In the purification phase that is currently taking place, we humans are experiencing a huge expansion of our own minds, which is ultimately due to the integration of countless new information. In this way, we always expand our own spirit, gain a stronger connection to our source and increasingly recognize the truth about our world..!!

As the purification phase continues (purification, as we not only free ourselves from old burdens, but also discard old beliefs, convictions and worldviews) we then recognize all our suffering and understand again that this suffering is ultimately just a consequence of our own unbalanced nature Mind/body/soul system, which we kept trapped in a spiral of suffering due to our ignorant and materially oriented world view.

Development towards galactic man

Development towards galactic manIn this context, we become more sensitive again and increasingly shed our materially oriented or rather conditioned and inherited world view. We understand again that hatred, envy, greed, jealousy, anger, sadness, fear and resentment towards other people do not move us forward in life, but only rob us of our present peace and promote the development or manifestation of illnesses. Little by little, we then put aside all of our judgments and begin to look at other people's lives or even their thoughts from a completely unbiased and peaceful perspective. We are dedicating ourselves more and more to light, you could also say that we let our own light shine again and overcome all shadows. For this reason, this process also leads to us gradually freeing ourselves from all the things that stand in the way of the development of our own light and this necessarily includes all our addictions + dependencies (the shedding of all states that are at low frequencies based). The creation of a spiritual state in which freedom is present and we can realize ourselves again requires overcoming our own dependencies. At the end of the purification phase we will then find ourselves in a completely new state of consciousness and have completely legitimized higher emotions and thoughts in our own minds.

At the end of the purification process, we humans will find ourselves in a completely pure state of consciousness. Here people also like to talk about a so-called Christ or even a cosmic state of consciousness..!! 

We will then have reached a fairly high state of consciousness and light, love + inner peace will then inspire not only our lives, but also the lives of those around us (the effects on the collective state of consciousness and on our immediate environment). Ultimately, we matured into so-called fully developed galactic people and mastered the game of duality and broke the reincarnation cycle. We have become masters of our own incarnation and represent the purest light, instead of a shadow-heavy living situation. It remains to be seen whether in this purification phase - which will last for a few more years - the wheat will be separated from the chaff, as we often hear. Certainly it could well be that the NWO, i.e. the elite families, are planning a major attack on us, which can only be recognized and then circumvented by people who follow the truth (the purification process is often accompanied by a judgment day, i.e. a day when people who follow Christ or rather are rooted in Christ Consciousness will rise and all other people will die - people should be rewarded by God according to their faith and deeds).

Many people report a day on which the wheat will be separated from the chaff, i.e. a day on which people will be rewarded + promoted, who in turn have seen through the NWO's game and followed God's truth..!! 

For example, many prophecies speak of a 3-day darkness, which, according to some interpretations, will be caused by poison gas attacks and will only be survived by people who keep all doors and windows locked. It is also a fact that the New World Order wants to decimate humanity and there is always talk of a massive reduction in humanity. Well, we shouldn't let this scare us or even let it tear us away from our current peace. It becomes much more important that we learn to recognize the signs of the times, that we stand in the strength of our truth and do everything we can to ensure smooth mental and spiritual development. In this sense stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony.

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