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In recent years, more and more people have been talking about a so-called critical mass. The critical mass means a larger number of "awakened" people, i.e. people who firstly deal with their own primal reason (the creative powers of their own spirit) and secondly have gotten a glimpse behind the scenes again (recognize that disinformation based system). In this context, many people now assume that this critical mass will be reached at some point, which will ultimately lead to a widespread awakening process. At the end of the day, one could also speak of a spread of truth on all levels of existence, truth that will eventually be present in so many minds that it will trigger a huge, inevitable chain reaction.

The critical mass

The critical massThe truth about our own spiritual ground, the truth about our corrupt banking system, about the web of lies, which in turn is supported by some of our politicians and protected with all their might, then experiences no support from society and the whole energetically dense construct (energetically dense, low-frequency system) will then be completely exposed. As far as that is concerned, there are simply too many people who know about all the problems and the truth will then be carried out into the world every day in the form of a peaceful revolution (An interesting article on the topic of peaceful revolution). At the end of the day you can compare the whole thing with a chain letter, the information it contains is passed on to more and more people and at some point almost everyone will know about this chain letter or its content. Ultimately, of course, the dissemination of this information also depends on the collective state of consciousness. In this regard, it is also important to know that we are connected to everything that exists on an immaterial/spiritual/thought level. Seen in this way, there is no separation, just as there are no boundaries. Limits and the feeling of separation from our divine source only arise in our own state of consciousness.

Everything in existence is a product of our own minds, an intangible projection of our own state of consciousness. Boundaries and other blockages are usually due to self-created, negative beliefs and convictions, which we humans in turn legitimize in our own mind..!!

People like to talk about self-imposed boundaries, a self-imposed feeling of separation, which we humans legitimize in our own minds. Nevertheless, we are connected to everything on a mental level and consequently influence the collective mind, or rather the collective state of consciousness, with our own thoughts and emotions.

The limitless power of our own minds

The limitless power of our own mindsAll our daily thoughts therefore also flow into the collective state of consciousness, expanding and changing it. We humans are not insignificant beings, are not of an insignificant nature and have almost no influence on the collective spirit, quite the opposite. At the end of the day, every human being represents a complex universe, a universe that is in turn surrounded by countless universes and is located within a universe. The well-known spiritual scholar Eckhart Tolle said the following: “You are not in the universe, you ARE THE universe, an essential part of it. Ultimately you are not a person but a point of reference in which the universe becomes aware of itself. What an unbelievable miracle." Because of our own mental abilities, we humans are also powerful creators who can create or destroy life with the help of our own minds. We are spiritual/spiritual beings and therefore have limitless abilities. Well then, coming back to critical mass, I think critical mass is almost there. In this regard, the current times are often equated with a turning point in which people, who have once again recognized the truth about our planetary circumstances, are slowly gaining the upper hand. This is how a redistribution of forces (light/darkness – high frequencies/low frequencies/positive energies/negative energies) should take place. The number of people who are dealing with the true reasons for the current warlike planetary situation has become so numerous that the situation of the supposedly “powerful” is beginning to tip. As a result, the lies or the targeted distribution of disinformation are becoming less and less popular among the population and the masses are no longer able to contain their own state of consciousness so easily. In this regard, I hardly know any people in my immediate environment who are not aware of these problems. Recently I've even been able to get to know a lot of people who knew very well about the chaos that was consciously produced, people who were very familiar with the NWO. Whether friends of my parents, their children, “strangers” that I met with friends in the city at night and we started talking, whether it was the kiosk owner next door or people training in our gym, that politics is corrupt and ultimately it is primarily about keeping us humans captive in an ignorant frenzy is becoming a reality for more and more people.

We can count ourselves lucky that we are incarnated in this time and can experience this unique change that is taking place on all levels of existence..!!

I don't want to downplay the whole thing either, of course there are still many people who do not deal with these topics in any way and defame others as conspiracy theorists, who ridicule people who think differently. However, there are nowhere near as many as there were a few years ago. For this reason, we can also be excited to see how things will continue in the coming weeks, months and years. Either way, we are now facing an exciting time in which a lot will happen. A time when we can experience the special effects of a very special change that only takes place every 26000 years and the critical mass of "awakened" people is reached. Finally, I can also recommend the article on this topic to you on the “Hundredth Monkey Effect“recommend. An article in which I explained the phenomenon of critical mass using a very impressive example. In this sense stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony. 🙂

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