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As I have often mentioned in my texts, your own mind works like a strong magnet that draws everything into your life with which it resonates. Our consciousness and the resulting thought processes connect us with everything that exists (everything is one and one is everything), link us to the entire creation on an immaterial level (one reason why our thoughts can reach and influence the collective state of consciousness). For this reason, our own thoughts are decisive for the further course of our own life, because after all it is our thoughts that enable us to be able to resonate with something in the first place. Without consciousness and thoughts, this would not be possible, we could not create anything, we could not consciously help shape life and, as a result, we could not attract things into our own lives.

The attraction of your mind

The attraction of your mindConsciousness is just ubiquitous and the main reason for the emergence of life. With the help of our own thoughts, we can choose what we want to attract into our own lives, what we want to experience and, above all, what thoughts we want to manifest/realize on a “material” level. What we think about in this context, the thoughts that dominate our own state of consciousness, inner beliefs, convictions and self-created truths are crucial for shaping our own lives. Nevertheless, many people do not create a life that completely corresponds to their own ideas, but rather they attract situations and life events into their own lives that were basically not wanted at all. Our mind works like a magnet and it attracts everything into its own life with which it resonates. But often it is our self-created inner beliefs that massively influence our spiritual attractions. Inwardly we long for a life in which abundance, happiness and harmony are present, but mostly act and think completely contrary. The mere compulsive desire for abundance, whether conscious or subconscious, is a sign of deficiency rather than abundance. We feel bad, are convinced that we are living in lack, instinctively assume that without the fulfillment of the corresponding wish there would continue to be lack or a negative state of consciousness and as a result we attract further lack into our own lives. Formulating a wish and sending it out into the vastness of the universe is of course a good thing, but it only works if we first approach the wish with a positive basic idea and then let go of the wish instead of continuing to mentally load it with negativity.

The universe always presents you with life situations and circumstances that correspond to the vibrational frequency of your state of consciousness. If one's mind resonates with abundance, one receives further abundance; if it resonates with lack, one experiences further lack..!!

The universe doesn't judge our wishes, doesn't divide it into good and bad, negative and positive, but rather it fulfills the wishes that prevail in our consciousness/subconsciousness. For example, if you want a partner, but at the same time you constantly tell yourself that you are alone and that you absolutely need a partner in order to be happy again, then you will usually not find a partner. The formulation of your wish or your wish is charged with lack, instead of abundance. The universe then only hears “I'm lonely, I don't have anything, "I don't think so", "why can't I get something", "I live in lack but need abundance" and then gives you what you subliminally want, namely lack .

Letting go is a key word when it comes to the topic of wish fulfillment. Only when you let go of a positively formulated wish and no longer focus on it will it come true..!!

Your own state of consciousness then still resonates with lack instead of abundance and this in turn only attracts further lack into your life. For this reason, the alignment of one's own state of consciousness is essential when it comes to fulfilling one's desires. It's about charging wishes with positive emotions and then letting them go. If you are satisfied with your own life and think to yourself, “Um, I am completely happy with my circumstances, I am content with everything I have,” then your state of consciousness would resonate with abundance.

The alignment of your own state of consciousness is essential when it comes to wish fulfillment, because you always attract into life what corresponds to your own mental alignment..!! 

If you then thought to yourself the following: Hmm, it would be nice to have a partner, but it's not absolutely necessary because I have everything and am perfectly happy," and then you stop thinking about it, let go of the thought and go back to the current one concentrated moment, then you will attract a partner into your life faster than you can see. Ultimately, the fulfillment of certain wishes only depends on the orientation of one's own state of consciousness and the nice thing about it is that we humans can choose ourselves based on our mental imagination, which resonates with me mentally. With this in mind, stay healthy, content and live a life in harmony.

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