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Is there a universal time that affects everything in existence? An all-encompassing time that everyone is forced to conform to? An all-encompassing force that has been aging us humans since the beginning of our existence? Well, in the course of human history, a wide variety of philosophers and scientists have dealt with the phenomenon of time, and new theories have been postulated time and again. Albert Einstein said that time is relative, i.e. it depends on the observer or that time can pass faster or even slower depending on the speed of a material state. Of course, he was absolutely right with that statement. Time is not a universally valid constant that affects every person in the same way, but rather every person has a completely individual sense of time based on their own reality, their own mental abilities, from which this reality arises.

Time is a product of our own minds

Ultimately, time is a product of our own minds, a phenomenon of our own state of consciousness. Time runs completely individually for each person. Since we humans are creators of our own reality, we create our own, individual time. Every person therefore has their own unique sense of time. Of course, we live in a universe in which time for/from planets, stars, solar systems always seems to move the same way. The day has 24 hours, the earth orbits the sun and the day-night rhythm always seems to be the same for us. But why do people age differently? There are 50-year-old men and women who look 70 and there are 50-year-old women and men who look 35. Ultimately, this is due to our own aging process, which we control individually. Negative thoughts lower our own vibration frequency and our energetic foundation becomes denser.

Positive thoughts increase our vibration frequency, negative thoughts reduce it - the result is a body that ages faster due to the slow passage of time..!! 

A positive thought spectrum in turn increases our own vibration frequency, our energetic basis becomes lighter, which in turn means that our material state has a higher speed and spins faster due to the rapid movement of the high-frequency state.

In today's world, victims of a self-created time pressure..!!

If you are happy and content, have a joyful experience, for example having a game night with your best friends, then time passes faster for you personally, you don't worry about time and live in the present. But if you had to work underground in a mine, the time would seem like an eternity to you; it would be difficult for you to live mentally in the present with joy. Most people are victims of their own created time.

Can you reverse your own aging process?

You live in a world where you are always guided by the times. “I have to be at this appointment in 2 hours,” my girlfriend comes over at 23 p.m., next Tuesday I have an appointment at 00 p.m. We almost never live mentally in the present, but always in a self-created mental future or past. We are afraid of the future, worry about this: “Oh no, I have to keep thinking about what will happen in a month, then I won't have a job and my life will be catastrophic”, or let live in the past enslave ourselves to feelings of guilt that rob us of the ability to live mentally in the present in the moment: “Oh no, I made a terrible mistake back then, I can't let go, don't think about anything else, why did this have to happen? ?" All of these negative mental constructs make time pass more slowly for us, we feel worse, our vibration frequency decreases and we age faster due to this mental stress. People who often remain in negative thought patterns reduce their own vibration frequency more and therefore age faster. A person who is completely happy, satisfied with his life, doesn't worry about time and always lives mentally in the now, has fewer worries, ages significantly slower due to the high vibration frequency.

Dependencies and addictions of all kinds dominate our minds and make us age faster..!!

A person who is therefore completely happy, has a completely clear state of consciousness, always lives in the now, never worries, has no negative thoughts about the future, is then aware of the fact that he is thereby switching off his own time, and even knows that that he doesn't age can stop his own aging process. Of course, a completely clearer state of consciousness is tied to overcoming any addictions. You smoke, then this is an addiction that dominates your own mental state. You feel bad because of smoking and you may think that it could make you sick at some point (worry).

Our consciousness cannot age due to its space-timeless/polarity-less structural nature..!!

Because of this attitude, you age faster. We also age because we firmly believe that we are getting older and every year on our birthday we celebrate our own aging process. By the way, a little bit of information on the side: our bodies can age due to our mental influences, but our mind, our consciousness cannot. Consciousness is always space-timeless and polarity-less and therefore cannot age. Well, ultimately every person is the creator of his own circumstances, his own life and can therefore decide for himself whether he ages more slowly, grows older faster or even completely ends his own aging process. With this in mind, stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony.

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