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In order to achieve a completely clear and free mind, it is important to free yourself from your own prejudices. Every human being is confronted with prejudices in some way in the course of his life and the result of these prejudices is in most cases hate, accepted exclusion and the resulting conflicts. But prejudices have no use for oneself, on the contrary, prejudices only limit one's own consciousness and damage one's own physical and mental condition. Prejudice legitimizes hate in one's own mind and reduces the individuality of other people to a minimum.

Prejudices limit the abilities of one's mind

Prejudice limits one's consciousness and that's exactly how I limited my own mind by it many years ago. Many years ago I was a person full of prejudice. At that time it was difficult for me to look beyond my own horizon and I could not deal objectively or without prejudice with certain topics or the worlds of thought of other people that did not correspond to my conditioned world view. My everyday life was accompanied by judgmental stupidity and mental self-sabotage, and due to my very egoistic mind at the time, I was unable to see through this limiting scheme. One day this changed, however, because I suddenly came to the realization overnight that it is not right to judge the lives of other people blindly, that you have no right to do so, this ultimately only creates hatred and an internally accepted exclusion of others thinking people. Instead of judging, you should deal objectively with the person or topic in question, you should use your empathic skills instead of smiling at others for their behavior and actions.

Prejudice has a limiting effectBecause of these newly gained attitudes, I was able to free my consciousness and deal with knowledge without prejudice that had previously seemed rather abstract and unreal to me. My intellectual horizon used to be very limited, because everything that didn't correspond to my inherited and conditioned worldview at the time was mercilessly smiled at and labeled as nonsense or wrong. Fortunately, however, this changed overnight and today I am aware that judgments are only the result of one's own ignorant, lower mind. This egoistic mind, also called the supracausal mind, is a spiritual protective mechanism that was given to us humans to be able to experience a dualitarian world. This mind is important in order to experience the separateness of the omnipresent divine convergence. Without this mind we would not be able to experience the lower aspects of life and would not be able to recognize this construct let alone take advantage of it.

Both sides of a medal are relevant

consciousness is energyBut it is of the utmost importance that one has contrasting experiences in life, that one deals with both sides of a medal instead of just one. For example, how is one to understand that judgments limit one's mind if judgments did not exist? How can one understand and appreciate love if, for example, there was only love?

You always have to study the negative pole of an aspect in order to then be able to experience or appreciate the positive pole and vice versa (The principle of polarity and gender). Apart from the fact that prejudices limit our own consciousness, they also damage our own physical and mental constitution. Ultimately, everything that exists deep inside only consists of energetic states, of energy that vibrates at frequencies. It is exactly the same with all material conditions. Matter is ultimately just an illusionary construct, highly condensed energy that has such an energetically dense vibration level that it appears to us as matter. One could also speak of condensed energy vibrating at a low frequency. Since the human being in all its fullness (reality, consciousness, body, words, etc.) consists exclusively of energetic states, it is advantageous for one's own health to have an energetically light level of vibration. Negativity of any kind is condensed/dense energy and positivity of any kind is decondensed/light energy.

Negativity is condensed energy

The mind and the tormenting prejudicesThe denser one's own energetic state is, the more susceptible one is to physical and mental illnesses, because an energetically dense body weakens the immune system enormously. For this reason, it is important that one feeds one's life largely with positivity/high vibratory energy. This can be accomplished in a number of ways, and one way to accomplish this is by recognizing and then ending one's prejudices.

As soon as you judge something, be it a person or what a person says, then you create energetic density in the moment and diminish your own mental abilities. One then condenses one's own energetic level of vibration based on the judgement. But as soon as you nip judgments in the bud and accept other people in their complete individuality as they are, if you respect, appreciate and appreciate the uniqueness of each person, then my own self-imposed and consciousness-limiting burden ends. One then no longer draws negativity from these everyday situations, but positivity. One no longer judges another person's life, one respects their point of view and no longer deals with the negative results of a judgment. I mean, why would you consider or judge another life as inferior? Every single person has a fascinating story and should be fully appreciated in their individuality. After all, we are all the same when we strictly observe our own individuality, because we all consist of the same energetic source. One should fully respect the reality of other living beings, no matter what a person does in his life, what sexual orientation he has, what belief he has in his heart, what religion he practices and what he thinks in his own mind legitimized. We are all human, brothers and sisters, one big family and that's exactly how we should all behave, seeing each other as an important part of our own lives. In this sense, stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony.

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