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In today's world it seems completely normal that we humans are addicted to a wide variety of things/substances. Whether this is tobacco, alcohol (or generally mind-altering substances), energetically dense foods (i.e. ready-made products, fast food, soft drinks etc.), coffee (caffeine addiction), a dependency on certain medications, gambling addiction, a dependency on living conditions, Workplace situations or whether this is even a dependency on life partners/relationships, almost everyone is mentally dominated by something, is dependent on something or is addicted to a certain condition.

Every addiction burdens our mind

Creating a clear state of consciousnessEvery addiction also exerts a certain dominance, keeps us trapped in a self-imposed vicious cycle and has a very negative influence on our own state of consciousness in this regard. In that regard, dependencies also lower our own vibrational frequency (everything in existence is made up of energetic/spiritual states, which in turn vibrate at a corresponding frequency), which in turn is due to our own deprivation of freedom. For example, in certain moments we cannot do what we would like to do, cannot consciously stay in the present, because we have to satisfy our own addiction first and foremost. For this reason, all addictions/dependencies always lead to a weakening of our own mind/body/spirit system. The vibration frequency of our own state of consciousness is reduced, we feel weak in the long term, possibly even lethargic, burden our own psyche, fall into negative mental patterns much more quickly and consequently legitimize stress in our own mind much faster.

Every addiction burdens our own mind and can even massively promote the development of diseases..!! 

It really doesn't matter whether these are minor or even major addictions, because every addiction burdens our own mind and robs us a little of our willpower. Even supposedly small "insignificant" addictions, such as coffee addiction, represent a certain mental burden for a person and daily consumption, that daily addictive behavior reduces our own willpower and at the end of the day can even promote the development of diseases.

The creation of a clear state of consciousness - overcoming addiction

overcome addictionsUltimately, in this context, it simply has to do with one's own mental dominance. I would also have a small example for this: “Imagine you are someone who drinks coffee every morning and can no longer do without it, i.e. you are dependent on this stimulant. If that's the case, then this is an addiction that can make you ill even in the long term, or even cloud your state of consciousness, simply because that addiction dominates your mind. A person in such a situation can no longer simply do without coffee, the opposite is even the case. Every morning after getting up, your own mind is triggered with the thought of coffee and you have to meet the addiction yourself. Otherwise, if this weren't the case and you didn't have coffee available, you would immediately become restless. One's own addiction could not be satisfied, one would feel increasingly unbalanced - would be much more moody + irritable as a result and simply experience from one's own love how much this addiction dominates one's own mind. This mental dominance, this self-imposed mental limitation (self-imposed, then of course you are responsible for the development of various dependencies) then simply represents a burden on your own mind/body/spirit system and would make us more imbalanced. For this reason, it is also highly recommended to overcome your own addictions. Ultimately, this has a very inspiring effect on our own state of consciousness and we become much more balanced/satisfied with each overcome addiction.

Every addiction is anchored in our own subconscious and for this reason reaches our own day-consciousness again and again. For this reason, reprogramming our own subconscious is also key when it comes to nipping our own habits + addictions in the bud..!!

Apart from that, it is also very inspiring when you experience a rapid increase in your own willpower, when you manage to fight or overcome your own addictions, when you can be proud of yourself because of it (a indescribable feeling). In the same way, it is very inspiring to experience a restructuring of your own subconscious when you notice how you yourself are eliminating old programs/habits and at the same time realizing new programs/habits. Basically, there is hardly a more inspiring feeling than experiencing how you free yourself from your own dependencies, when you experience an increase in your own willpower, when you become clearer, more dynamic + more powerful and at the end of the day even a feeling of completeness can legitimize freedom/clarity in one's own mind again. In this sense stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony.

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