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expansion of consciousness

As mentioned several times on my blog, humanity is in a complex and, above all, unavoidable “waking up process”. This process, which was primarily initiated by very special cosmic circumstances, leads to massive collective development and increases the spiritual quotient of humanity as a whole. For this reason, this process is also often referred to as a process of spiritual awakening, which is ultimately true, since we, as spiritual beings ourselves, experience "awakening" or an expansion of our state of consciousness. This process also includes a kind of search for truth/truth finding and ultimately leads to the fact that we humans completely change our own worldview and also legitimize completely new beliefs + convictions in our own mind.

The realizations in the process of spiritual awakening

The realizations in the process of spiritual awakeningIn that regard, this finding of truth also relates in particular to knowledge that has been deliberately suppressed and withheld from us for hundreds of years. Ultimately, however, this is knowledge that can have a very liberating influence on ourselves, i.e. it could enable us humans to achieve groundbreaking insights into the world, life and our own primal ground (becoming aware of our own creative powers). One could also speak here of information that could make us humans completely mentally free. In this context, however, it is in no way intended that we humans become completely free in terms of thinking (modern slavery), that we are healthy (in favor of the pharmaceutical cartels and the entire system), that we have a strong emotional connection (love, instead of hating and struggling with fears) and that we are also in no way materially oriented and have a non-judgmental state of consciousness. Rather, our own mind/body/spirit system is being curbed with might and main on all levels of existence. This also happens in several ways. On the one hand, through various media instances, which in turn spread disinformation, half-truths and false facts in a targeted manner. In this way, certain events are completely covered up or even twisted from the facts and everything runs in favor of a power elite. The mass media are therefore, as I have already mentioned several times on my blog, brought into line and deliberately give us humans a completely wrong picture of the world.

What could become dangerous for the power elite are mentally free people, i.e. people who stand up for the truth, expose their diabolical system and subsequently initiate a peaceful revolution..!! 

So would mirror and co. never report critically/enlighteningly about 9/11, Haarp (weather manipulation) or even other false flag attacks, would never mention that cancer can be cured naturally or report that vaccines are highly toxic or could even be, simply because of this is not wanted, simply because the system media represents "Western" interests (or rather the interests of various backers of the system) and are not free (if a person addresses system-critical content, then he must expect that he will very likely denigrate it or even the will be ridiculed, that he will be dubbed a "conspiracy theorist" - The truth behind the word conspiracy theorist - language as a weapon).

The containment of our mind

False world viewsThe media just protects the system and feeds our minds, especially via television, with countless false information. On the other hand, our mind is also contained (or let our mind be contained) via various industries. The pharmaceutical industry suppresses innumerable remedies/cure methods for various diseases (such as cancer), invents diseases, has laboratories - which, for example, invent important cures or even uncover deliberate lies, smashed, pays various scientists/doctors, allows studies to achieve their own goals, falsify and urge us humans to be vaccinated (I can only emphasize it again: vaccines are highly toxic and usually contain aluminum, formaldehyde, mercury and other neurotoxic substances - which is why the more and more often discussed compulsory vaccinations should definitely give us food for thought) and has not our healing, but rather a constant poisoning in mind (a healed patient is a lost customer). Our mind is also deliberately contained by the pharmaceutical industry and very important information is withheld from us, apart from the fact that our own mind/body/spirit system can be treated with vaccinations and other medications (which would not be necessary if we were to find out our causes or in live in a system that teaches you what disease is really about and how to avoid it through a natural lifestyle), is weakened. Of course, one could also make the claim that certain medications are simply important, but again, one should know that illnesses are due to only two things, on the one hand, a negatively aligned mind (stress, negativity, hatred, trauma - weaken our Immune system, - materially oriented worldviews, meritocracy, false worldviews/respect through status symbols and money, school system, - which only prepares you for the job market and otherwise suppresses the uniqueness + free will of a student, judgmental fellow human beings, gossip, targeted division of our minds, Division of the people - why are so many people physically or even mentally ill nowadays, why are so many people depressed?!) and on the other hand to a wrong diet/lifestyle.

The human spirit is deliberately contained on all levels of existence. An illusory world was built around our own mind, i.e. a world in which our unique development is specifically prevented by powerful families - who in turn control the world with the help of the corrupt monetary system..!! 

For years, a completely wrong way of life/nutrition was propagated to us and the food found in today's supermarkets, i.e. mostly chemically contaminated food, dams our own mind, restricts the body's own functionalities, makes us dependent and disturbs our own balance. If everyone were to eat naturally (alkaline excess - mainly a lot of vegetables, fruit and co.) and also had a positively aligned mind (not subject to too much stress), then you would basically no longer need medication, simply for the reason that people would no longer get sick at all.

Spiritual and system-critical contexts

Spiritual and system-critical contextsWell then, basically I could go on like this forever and enumerate countless mechanisms + instances that have a very lasting influence on our own mind/body/soul system. There are a lot of them in today's world. In exactly the same way, I don't want to blame the elite families or other authorities for this circumstance, or even claim that these families make us sick, because that would be simply wrong, simply because every human being is responsible for is responsible and can act self-determined (we don't have to let ourselves be checked or even made ill). Basically, I wanted to get at something completely different, namely the fact that spiritual and system-critical content are very closely linked. Due to the current collective awakening, we humans are dealing with our own spiritual source much more intensively and inevitably achieve groundbreaking self-knowledge. Questions about the meaning of life, about the existence of God, about life after death, about the meaning of one's own existence and many other big questions are increasingly coming to the fore and are gradually being answered. This is simply an inevitable consequence of the process of spiritual awakening. One's own primal ground is explored more intensively and one develops a certain interest in spiritual topics, sometimes even a very strong interest. You yourself may experience a very strong expansion of consciousness and thus experience a massive spiritual expansion. Nevertheless, the same thing also happens with people who deal with system-critical content. These people also continue to develop, deal with the real reasons for the chaotic planetary situation, see through the puppet state, recognize the targeted spread of disinformation, see through our falsified past human history and thereby achieve a great deal of self-knowledge regarding the world.

In the process of spiritual awakening, we humans not only necessarily come into contact with our own mental abilities, but we also automatically deal with the true background of world events..!!

Spiritual content is very closely related to system-critical content. Both are topics that expand our own mind and can change our own beliefs and beliefs a lot. On the other hand, these issues are also very interrelated, simply because the system was designed to suppress our own spiritual expression on all levels of existence. Therefore, if you want to have an all-encompassing view of the world, if you want to grasp the big picture with your mind, then it is imperative that you deal with both of these overarching subject areas.

Everything in existence is interconnected and everything is intertwined as well. If we want to understand the world again, if we want to fully expand our own mind again, then it is of the utmost importance that we go back to looking at all sides in an unbiased way, rather than looking at just one..!!

Only when you understand why the world is the way it is, why there are so many deliberately initiated wars and staged terrorist attacks in the world, why this is wanted, why diseases exist, why there are elite families who in turn control our world and at the same time contain our own mind/body/soul system, only then will a lot of things become apparent to you, only then will you get a more comprehensive overview of your own primal cause and understand significantly more connections (you get a look for the truth). Because of this, you just can't get an all-encompassing picture of the world by skipping one of the pages. Everything in existence is connected at a mental level, everything is one and one is everything. Everything is connected and nothing, absolutely nothing, has been left to chance. In this sense stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony.

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