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As mentioned in some of my articles, almost every disease can be cured. Any suffering can usually be overcome, unless you have completely given up on yourself or the circumstances are just so precarious that healing can no longer be accomplished. Nevertheless, we can alone with utilizing our own mental Skills allow a completely new living situation to manifest itself and free us from all illnesses.

Why only you can usually heal yourself

self-healingIn this context, there are also various ways to put a corresponding project into practice. In this regard, I have often drawn attention to a natural, i.e. plant-based, base-excess diet, because almost no disease can exist, let alone develop, in an alkaline and oxygen-rich cell environment. If we eliminate the chronic poisoning caused by an unnatural diet and at the same time give our body only the nutrients and energy that it needs (unnatural foods such as finished products have a very low vibration frequency, this is also often referred to as “dead energy”) ), then truly miracles can be wrought. As a result, all of the body's own functionalities change. The condition of our cell environment improves and we have a positive influence on our own DNA. Anyone who suffers from cancer should definitely consider a natural diet. Many people (and the trend is increasing due to the increased rejection of common medications - lack of trust in the pharmaceutical cartels) have been able to get themselves alone with the help of natural preparations (barley grass, wheat grass, turmeric, baking soda, cannabis oil, vitamin D, OPC - grape seed extract, and much more). ) in combination with a natural diet, heal yourself. However, there is one essential factor that is primarily responsible for the development of our own self-healing powers and that is our mind. The more our own mind is out of balance, the more inner conflicts and psychological injuries we suffer from, the more likely illnesses are to manifest themselves in our bodies. Our mind is overloaded and as a result passes its low-frequency circumstances onto the physical body, which then causes our body's own functionalities to become unbalanced.

As a rule, every illness can be traced back to mental conflicts. Self-healing can therefore only happen if we clear up our own conflicts and create a state of consciousness that is continually characterized by balance and self-love..!!

Diseases are therefore to be interpreted as warning signals. Our body wants to tell us that something is wrong with us, that we are not in harmony with ourselves and life and are therefore disrupting its balance. For this reason, at the end of the day, we humans can only heal ourselves, because only we ourselves are or can become aware of our own inner conflicts again.

Explore your suffering

self-healingNo one knows you as well as you do. Ultimately, one thing should be said: there are countless ways to support your own healing process, and even to actually activate it, but you should, especially in the case of serious illnesses - parallel to a natural diet, explore your own soul. If our heart energy doesn't flow and we suffer mentally, then we stand in the way of developing our own self-healing powers and put a permanent strain on our own body. If a person is ill with a serious illness, for example because their job is extremely stressful for them or even makes them extremely unhappy, then the problem can only be solved by resolving the conflict and separating from work. We humans often cannot come to terms with past life situations and hold on to our past, deriving a lot of suffering from what no longer exists (we are unable to function within current structures and miss the perfection of the current moment), which then lasts for years a manifestation of corresponding diseases arises. If we want to heal ourselves, the focus should be on exploring and resolving our own inner conflicts. Of course, a natural diet should also be implemented, because at least it relieves the body to some extent and strengthens our own mental state, but even this would not solve the cause, which is why recognizing our own conflicts is of utmost importance.

A wise person lets go of the past every moment and goes into the future reborn. For Him, the present is a constant transformation, a rebirth, a resurrection - Osho..!!

As a rule, there is no person who can heal us, only we ourselves can put this into practice (although outside help can be very useful, that is without question). We are the creators of our own reality, we are the designers of our own destiny and what the future course of our lives will be depends entirely on ourselves. In this sense stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony.

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