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matter illusion

In some of my articles I have often explained why spirit rules over matter and also represents our source. Likewise, I have already mentioned several times that all material and immaterial states are a product of our own consciousness. This assertion is only partially true, however, because matter itself is an illusion. Of course we can perceive material states as such and look at life from a "material point of view". You yourself have completely individual beliefs and look at the world from these self-created beliefs. The world isn't the way it is, it's the way we are. Consequently, every human being has a completely individual way of looking at things and perception.

Matter is an illusion - everything is energy

Matter is an illusion - everything is energyYet matter does not exist in that sense. Matter in this context is much more pure energy and nothing else. In that regard, everything in existence, whether universes, galaxies, humans, animals, or even plants, consists of energy, but everything also has an individual energetic state, i.e. a different frequency state (energy vibrates at a different frequency). Matter or what we perceive as matter is merely condensed energy. One could also say an energetic state, which in turn has a low frequency state. Yet it is energy. even if you humans could perceive this energy as matter, with the typical material characteristics. Matter is still an illusion, because energy is what is omnipresent. If you look even more closely into this "matter", then you even have to state that everything is energy, since everything in existence is of a spiritual nature. As already mentioned several times, the world is a mental/spiritual projection of our own state of consciousness. We are the creators in this world, that is, the creators of our own circumstances. Everything arises from our own spirit. What we perceive is a pure mental projection of our own mind. We are the space in which everything happens, we are creation itself and creation is always of a spiritual nature at its core. Be it universes, galaxies, humans, animals, or even plants, everything is just an expression of a powerful immaterial presence. What we humans mistakenly perceive as solid, rigid matter is ultimately just a condensed energetic state. Due to correlating vortex mechanisms, these energetic states have a special ability, namely the important ability of energetic decompression or compression (vortices/Studel mechanisms occur everywhere in nature, with us humans these are also called chakras). Through darkness/negativity/disharmony/density, energetic states condense. Brightness/positivity/harmony/light in turn decondense energetic states. The more decomposed your own vibration level is, the more subtle and sensitive you become. Energetic density, in turn, blocks our natural energetic flow and makes us appear more material, dull.

One could also say that an energetically very dense person looks at life from a material point of view and that an energetically bright person looks at life from a rather immaterial perspective. However, there is no matter, on the contrary, what appears to us as matter is nothing more than highly compressed energy, oscillating energy that oscillates at a very low frequency. And here the circle closes again. Therefore, one can also make the assertion that there is basically only consciousness, energy, information and frequencies in all of creation. Infinitely many states of consciousness and vibrations that are in constant motion. Even the soul, our real selves, is just energy, a 5th dimensional energetically light aspect of each individual.

The world will become more and more subtle in the coming years

A coming immaterial worldIf you study various writings then it is said again and again that the world is currently in the process of changing from a 3-dimensional, material world into a 5-dimensional, immaterial world. This is difficult for many people to understand, but basically it is very simple. In the past epochs, the world was only viewed from a gross perspective. One's own spirit, one's consciousness was disregarded and one's own identification with matter ruled in people's minds. Because of the current cosmic cycle but this situation is changing dramatically. Humanity is about to enter a subtle world, along with the planet and all of the creatures that live on it, a peaceful world in which people will once again understand their true origins. A world that is then viewed by the collective from an immaterial, energetic point of view. That's why it's also said that a golden age will soon reach us. An age when world peace, free energy, clean food, charity, sensitivity and love will reign supreme.

A world where humanity will again act as one big family, respecting each other and appreciating the uniqueness of each individual. A world where our selfish minds will no longer matter. When this time begins, mankind will mainly only act out of intuitive, mental patterns. It will not be long before this 5-dimensional time will dawn again, this energetically light scenario is only a stone's throw away from the world we know today, so we can be very excited and can look forward to the coming time in where the principle of peace, harmony and love will be present in our minds. In this sense stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony.

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