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Each individual human being is the creator of their own present reality. Due to our own train of thought and our own consciousness, we can choose how we shape our own lives at any time. There are no limits to the creation of our own lives. Everything can be realized, every single train of thought, no matter how abstract, can be experienced and materialized on a physical level. Thoughts are real things. Existing, immaterial structures that characterize our lives and represent the basis of any materiality. Many people are now familiar with this knowledge, but what about the creation of universes? What are we really creating when we imagine something? Is it possible that we can create real worlds, real situations that continue to exist in other dimensions through our imagination alone?

An expression of an immaterial consciousness

Everything is consciousness/mindEverything in existence consists of consciousness, of an immaterial presence that shapes and permanently changes our current life. Consciousness is the highest and most fundamental form of expression of creation, yes, consciousness is even creation, a force from which all immaterial and material states arise. God is therefore a gigantic, always existing consciousness that individualizes itself through incarnation and continuously experiences itself (I also cover the whole topic in detail in my book). Every single person is therefore God himself or an expression of the intelligent primal ground. God or the primal consciousness expresses itself in everything that exists and consequently experiences every imaginable state of consciousness. Consciousness is infinite, timeless and we humans are an expression of this tremendous power. Consciousness consists of energy, of energetic states that can condense or decondense due to associated vortex mechanisms. The denser/more negative energetic states are, the more material they appear and vice versa. We are therefore a material expression of an immaterial force. But what about our own spirit, our own creative basis. We ourselves also consist of consciousness and use this to create circumstances, to experience situations. In doing so, we are in no way limited in our imagination due to the space-timeless nature of thought.

The permanent creation of complex worlds

creation of universesBut what exactly do we create when we imagine something? When a person imagines something, for example a scenario in which they master teleportation, then that person has created a complex, real world at that moment. Of course the imagined scenario seems subtle and unreal, but I can tell you that this imagined scenario materializes and continues to exist on another level, in another dimension, in a parallel universe (by the way, there are infinitely many universes just like it there are infinitely many galaxies, planets, living beings, atoms and thoughts). For this reason everything already exists, for this reason there is nothing that does not exist. No matter what you imagine, the moment you create something mentally, you are simultaneously creating a new universe, a universe that emerged from your creative power, a world that came into existence because of your consciousness, just like you you are an existing expression of an all-pervading consciousness. An absurd example, imagine you are constantly angry and create mental scenarios in which you destroy something, for example a tree. At this moment, as the creator of your universe, you have actually created a situation in which a tree is destroyed, the whole thing just takes place in another universe, in another world. A world that you created in the moment based on your mental imagination.

Everything exists, there is nothing that does not exist.

Everything exists, everything is possible, realizable!!As I said, thoughts are real things, complex mechanisms that can become independent and materialize. Everything you imagine exists. There is nothing that does not exist. That's why you should never doubt anything, because everything is possible, there are no limits, except those that you impose on yourself. In addition, skepticism is only an expression of one's own selfish mind. This mind is responsible for generating negative/energetically dense thoughts and actions. If you tell yourself that something is absolutely not possible, then you are closing your own mind at that moment. The soul knows that everything exists, that everything is possible, even at this very moment, whether future or past scenarios exist. Only the egoistic, judgmental, ignorant mind creates limits for oneself. You can actually feel it yourself, if you are skeptical or think this is completely impossible, complete nonsense, then you generate energetic density at this moment, because that is exactly what the egoistic mind does. It makes you wander through life blindly and makes you think things are impossible. It just blocks your own mind and creates countless boundaries. In the same way, this mind is responsible for our own fear (fear = negativity = condensation, love = positivity = de-densification). If you are afraid of anything then you are not acting out of the spiritual, intuitive mind at that moment, but out of the egoistic mind. You create a parallel world, an energetically dense scenario in which suffering prevails. Therefore, it is advisable to create a positive mental world, a universe in which love, harmony and peace reign. With this in mind, stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony.

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    • Pia 7. March 2021, 21: 50

      I've read a lot of similar things about it, a fantastic topic... and yes I believe in it...

    Pia 7. March 2021, 21: 50

    I've read a lot of similar things about it, a fantastic topic... and yes I believe in it...