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Nowadays it is considered normal to repeatedly fall ill with a wide variety of illnesses. It is normal in our society to occasionally get sick with the flu, suffer from a cough and runny nose, or generally suffer from chronic diseases such as high blood pressure in the course of life. Especially in old age, a wide variety of diseases become noticeable, the symptoms of which are usually treated with highly toxic medication. In most cases, however, this only creates further problems. However, the cause of the corresponding diseases is ignored. In this context, however, one does not fall ill with an illness by accident. Everything has a certain cause, even the smallest suffering can be traced back to a corresponding cause.

Only the symptoms are treated, not the cause of an illness

disease cell milieuIn today's world, we humans allow ourselves to be given all kinds of drugs to achieve a healing effect. Doctors usually only treat the symptoms of an illness. The cause of the disease is not even explored. This is because doctors have never been taught to understand the cause of a disease. If someone has high blood pressure, then blood pressure lowering drugs are prescribed. The cause of the high blood pressure is not treated, only the symptoms are treated with medication. If someone is ill with a severe flu, antibiotics ultimately only inhibit the growth of the disease-supporting microorganisms (bacteria and co.) or kill them. In turn, no attention is paid to the cause, a weakened immune system, due to a stressed mental environment or a negative spectrum of thoughts. If someone is suffering from cancer and has a tumor in their breast, for example, then this is surgically removed, but the cause or trigger of the tumor is not eliminated. This is also one of the reasons why many "cured" cancer patients have to experience renewed tumor formation over time. Of course, such operations also have their uses, especially when the corresponding cell mutation becomes life-threatening.

A person can only be completely healed when the cause of the disease is found and treated..!!

But it would be much more advisable to find out the cause in order to be able to prevent it afterwards. Apart from the fact that cancer has long been curable and there are countless healing methods for it, but these are suppressed and destroyed due to the greed for profit of various pharmaceutical companies. A healed patient is ultimately just a lost customer, which in turn reduces the sales of competitive pharmaceutical companies. In this context, it is also important to know that every disease can be cured. Yes, even the German biochemist Otto Warburg was awarded the Nobel Prize in his time for his groundbreaking discovery that no disease can exist in a basic and oxygen-rich cellular environment.

The mind is the main cause of every disease

self-healing-through-your-own-mindHowever, to come to the main cause of an illness, it always lies in a person's mind. Everything arises from one's own spirit or from one's own consciousness. Ultimately, a person's whole life is just a product/result of their own mental imagination. No matter what happens, no matter what action you commit, what action you realize on a material level, everything has a corresponding cause and this is always in your own consciousness and the intellectual spectrum that arises from it. A negative spectrum of thoughts, or rather negative thoughts that are present in one's mind over a longer period of time, lower our own vibrational frequency, which overloads our energetic system and transfers the subtle pollution to our physical body. The consequence of the overload is, of course, a weakened immune system, an acidic cell environment, an adverse mutation in our DNA. For this reason, the birth of every disease takes place in our own mind. Most of these illnesses are caused by stress. If someone is stressed for a long period of time, because of which they always feel too bad, if they experience depressive moods and are in a bad mood, then this has a very negative effect on their own physical constitution. Therefore, bad mood worsens our own state of health, weakens our immune system, thereby favoring the manifestation of diseases in the body. In exactly the same way, illnesses can arise from trauma from past incarnations or from trauma from past childhood days.

Traumas usually lay the foundations for later illnesses..!!

These formative life events are burned into our subconscious and can accompany us for the rest of our lives if we do not fathom these traumas. Our subconscious will then repeatedly transport this mental conflict into our day-to-day consciousness. Ultimately, this is done so that we can deal with this spiritual contamination in order to be able to dissolve/transform it on the basis of this, in order to be able to complete the inner healing process. Traumas from the past usually lay the foundations for very tragic or serious secondary diseases. At the end of the day, illnesses are therefore only a result of our own mind and can only be completely eliminated by firstly by exploring and working through our own suffering/mental problems and secondly by building up a positive spectrum of thoughts over time. In this sense stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony.

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