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Superfoods have been trending for some time now. More and more people are taking these and improving their own mental well-being. Superfoods are extraordinary foods and there are reasons for that. On the one hand, superfoods are foods/dietary supplements that contain a particularly high concentration of nutrients (vitamins, minerals, trace elements, various phytochemicals, antioxidants and amino acids). Basically, they are vital substance bombs that you cannot find anywhere in nature. These treasures of nature can have a healing influence on our organism and for this reason some of them should not be missing in any household.

A healing influence on our organism

Superfoods healthyAs Sebastian Kneipp once said: "Nature is the best pharmacy" - and he was absolutely right with this statement. Basically, the answer to all diseases that a person suffers from in the course of their life lies in nature. Due to its countless medicinal plants/herbs/roots, etc., nature has a huge arsenal of natural remedies which, when used correctly, could even make up for any disease. In particular, the healing effects of countless superfoods have been discussed again and again in recent times. In this context, superfoods are a wonderful addition to a conventional diet and should definitely be supplemented due to the incredible abundance of nutrients. Nature also offers us a large selection of different superfoods in this regard. There would be for example spirulina and chlorella algae that have a strong detoxifying effect on our organism, are blood-cleansing and strengthen the immune system, on the other hand wheat and barley grass, 2 grasses that are rich in cell-protecting chlorophyll, have a strong purifying effect and also bring the cell environment back into an alkaline balance (Otto Warburg, a German biochemist received the Nobel Prize for discovering that no disease can exist/originate in a basic and oxygen-rich cell environment). On the other hand there is again Moringa oleifera (Also called tree of life or nutrient-rich miracle tree) a plant that comes from the nut family and has incredible healing potential, cleanses the intestines, stabilizes the intestinal flora and can prevent many deficiency symptoms due to the extremely high content of vital substances. Turmeric, also called yellow ginger or Indian saffron, which has a strong anti-inflammatory effect due to the curcumin it contains, relieves digestive problems, lowers high blood pressure and even fights cancer cells or carcinogenic cell tissue.

For this reason will Turmeric also used in naturopathy against a wide variety of diseases/complaints. Furthermore, there are countless other superfoods that have an enormous spectrum of effects and an extreme healing potential. On the one hand there are chia seeds, hemp protein, coconut oil, green tea, matcha tea, goji berries, acai berries, maca, linseed, ginseng, bee pollen and countless others. All of these superfoods have an extremely positive impact on the body when taken in daily supplements.

The Purification of Consciousness

The Purification of Consciousness

The special thing about it is that all these vital substance bombs are also your own purify consciousness and that has its reasons. Everything that you can imagine, everything that exists, simply put, deep down consists of energy/energetic states. These states can condense and decondense, become denser/become lighter. Negativity of any kind condenses energy, positivity decondenses energetic states. "Unnatural foods", ready meals, fast food or generally foods that are enriched with artificial additives, aspartame, glutamate, refined sugar, etc. have an extremely dense vibration level. When we consume them, they ensure that our own energetic state condenses. Natural, untreated or, to put it better, contaminant-free foods have a light energetic state. Such foods therefore exert a strong de-densified influence on our own energetic basis. Superfoods are foods (if they are of high quality) that have an extremely light vibrational level. The special thing about it is that our consciousness and the resulting trains of thought consist of energy. The more energetically light we eat, the more positive it affects our own consciousness. Before my very first great self-knowledge, I consumed large amounts of green tea, nettle tea and chamomile tea, a circumstance that cleared my consciousness and made me more receptive to my first insights. The more natural you eat, the more positive it will affect your own consciousness and the clearer you will become, and believe me, the feeling of being completely clear is the most inspiring thing there is.

The positive effects of a natural diet

Eat naturallyThe more mental clarity you gain, the more dynamic, powerful, and stronger you become. Your own perception changes, you become much more sensitive and you can deal with emotions and thoughts much better. In addition, you can live much more in the present, you can get out of it ever-expanding moment lives out, which puts you in a position to draw more vitality again and last but not least, this has an enormous effect on your own charisma and self-confidence. For this reason, I am currently eating as well as possible, of course. That means I eat a lot of vegetables and fruit. Furthermore, I incorporate various whole grain products into my daily menu (whole grain bread, whole grain rice, whole grain pasta). There are also legumes and various superfoods. I am currently adding a superfood shake twice a day that contains moringa leaf powder, barley grass and maca powder. Otherwise, I usually add Spirulina and Chlorella pellets. I season my food with turmeric, sea salt, black pepper and a very special blend of organic herbs. Apart from that, I drink a lot of water + 2 liters of chamomile tea, 1,5 liters of green tea and 1,5 liters of nettle tea. This plan is ideal for me personally and my well-being, and if I use it over a longer period of time, it gives me back an enormous amount of vitality. That's why I can only recommend superfoods and a natural diet in general to everyone, the health benefits you get from them are irreplaceable. In this sense stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony.

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