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Fewer and fewer people are watching television and for good reason. The world that is presented to us there, which is completely over the top and maintains appearances, is increasingly being avoided, since fewer and fewer people can identify with the corresponding content. Whether it's news broadcasts, where you know in advance that there will be one-sided reports (the interests of various system-controlling authorities are represented), that disinformation is deliberately spread and the viewer is kept ignorant (geopolitical events are deliberately twisted, facts are ignored, etc.).

Why I haven't watched TV for many years

watch TVOr whether it is common television programs that convey false values ​​to us, present us with a completely false picture of the world, materially oriented world views and thereby reveal a circumstance that is far removed from nature. Due to the current collective awakening, which is ultimately due to various cosmic circumstances (beginning awakening since December 21, 2012 - beginning of the apocalyptic years, apocalypse means unveiling, revelation, revelation and not end of the world, as the mass media said, especially at that time propagated, thereby ridiculing the event), more and more people are finding their way back to nature, becoming increasingly truth-oriented and recognizing states/circumstances that are based on appearances, if one abstracts further even on low frequencies. As a result, more and more people are realizing that fears are stirred up via television, and of course also via print media, and that we are presented with a completely twisted illusory world. Apart from that, people want to be less and less guided by something given, but rather to think independently. You want to act in a self-determined manner and get entertainment media and, above all, information from sources that you consider correct. The Internet is therefore a revolutionary tool, which, while having its problems (being misused), largely destroys television. It is not for nothing that the quotas have been falling for years. Incidentally, the same applies to common print media, which are recording ever lower sales figures. People no longer believe in mass media reporting and orientate themselves towards alternative media (which of course does not mean that all alternative media report completely neutrally and truthfully, but most alternative media provide a much clearer and, above all, more realistic picture of the relevant events ).

Fewer and fewer people believe in mass media reporting and instead look to alternative sources of information..!!

Well, personally, I haven't watched TV for a number of years, like five years, and I don't regret a second of it. The opposite is even the case, in the meantime I find television, at least when the opportunity arises with friends, to be very unpleasant. Advertising, in particular, gives me a very uncomfortable feeling and I can't get anything out of the advertising clips, which at the end of the day are completely exaggerated in terms of presentation. I'm even sometimes amazed at what strange and unrealistic promotional videos are created. Well, at the end of the day, I don't want to stop anyone from watching TV. We humans can act independently and have to decide for ourselves what is right for us and what is not. We are all creators of our own reality and we should choose for ourselves what will and will not become a part of our current state of consciousness. In this sense stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony.

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