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Every person has different soul mates. This does not even refer to corresponding relationship partners, but also to family members, i.e. related souls, who incarnate again and again in the same "soul families". Every human being has a soul mate. We have met our soul mates for countless incarnations, more precisely for thousands of years, but it was difficult to become aware of one's soul mates, at least in the past ages.In the past centuries, an energetically dense milieu prevailed in our world, or rather a circumstance that was characterized by a low frequency (low planetary frequency state) - which is why humanity was rather cool and materially oriented (too strong EGO expression ).

Low-frequency times

soul matePeople hardly owned one in those days conscious Connection to their divine ground (one was in no way aware of one's own divinity, one also did not recognize the creative potential/the creative abilities of one's own spirit) and as a result were subject to morally questionable views. In these times one allowed oneself to be completely oppressed, mentally, physically and emotionally. For example, people blindly followed the church, were afraid of some strict dogmas and had hardly any independent thinking. Admittedly, some of these circumstances (mainly related to mental oppression) also apply to the world today or but the difference is that nowadays, paradoxically, everything happens in a sometimes very obvious way, sometimes in a very subtle way (we are led to believe a fair world/system by politicians in relation to our lands, even if this is in no way true). Well, in the end this mental suppression prevents you from becoming aware of your soulmate, especially since you hardly have any spiritual interest due to this mental containment and you can't even legitimize corresponding thoughts in your own mind. Of course, we can feel a soul mate through being “in love”, no question about it, but in particular family or even friendly soul ties are often ignored. In the meantime, however, the situation is changing and more and more people are becoming aware of their own soul mates and partnerships.

Everything in existence has a soul and is therefore ensouled, just as everything in existence is spiritual in nature..!!

Especially as far as partnerships are concerned, the topic of dual souls is increasingly coming to the fore. But also friendly or even family soul ties are recognized more and more. Our planet has been experiencing a massive increase in its own frequency for several years (attributable to special cosmic circumstances), which means that we humans firstly become much more sensitive, secondly question countless systems or conditioned and inherited beliefs, beliefs and worldviews and thirdly develop an increased spiritual interest .

Soulmates in the Current Age of Awakening

soul mates In this context, one gains profound self-knowledge and becomes aware of one's own incarnations or rather the principle of reincarnation (aware of the concept of rebirth and the soul plan be aware). One understands that all encounters with other people and animals have a deep meaning and that corresponding encounters are also predefined in our soul plan. On the other hand, one becomes aware of the principle of the incarnation family and recognizes that relationships, families and friendships are based on soul mates (soul agreement). As a result, some people even recognize a soul connection (soul mates) to everyone they meet in their lives. Incidentally, this is an intellectual approach that I have now recognized as the truth for myself (will soon examine the topic in more detail in a separate article). Well then, in this current process of spiritual awakening, our partnership soul relationships are in the foreground (which is why, as already mentioned in the section above, more and more people are dealing with the subject of dual souls). It should be said at this point that one meets one's own soul mate in countless incarnations, yes, one can even assume that one has met soul mates very often in previous lives, even if one was mostly never aware of it.

Every day we interact with people with whom we are related or connected on a spiritual level. In the current Age of Aquarius, we can become aware of our own soul connections due to a very high frequency and the associated spiritual development..!!

In the current age, however, we humans all have the opportunity to become aware of our soulmates. In exactly the same way, we can become aware of the principle of soul families (incarnation families) and understand that the people around us, whom we love deep down in our hearts, have not entered our lives for nothing, but are part of a special soul connection (soul agreement). are. In this sense stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony.

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