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heart pain

The world is currently changing. Admittedly, the world has always been changing, that's the way things are, but especially in the last few years, since 2012 and the cosmic cycle that started at this point in time, mankind has experienced massive spiritual development. This phase, which will ultimately last for a few more years, means that we humans make massive progress in our mental + spiritual development and discard all our old karmic ballast (a phenomenon that can be traced back to continuous increases in vibration frequency). For this reason, this spiritual change can also be felt as very painful. It often even seems that people who go through this process, whether consciously or unconsciously, inevitably experience the darkness, suffer a lot of heartbreak and often do not understand why this is happening to them.

The dissolution of old karmic patterns

karmic balanceIn this context, every person generally has a certain amount of karmic baggage that they carry around with them throughout their lives. Part of this karmic ballast (shadow parts) can be traced back to past lives. For example, a person who has committed suicide takes his suffering or his karmic entanglements with him into the next life in order to be able to resolve this karma in the following incarnation. A person who had a closed heart or was very cold-hearted in the past life will take this mental imbalance with them into the next life (the same applies to addictions - an alcoholic takes his problems with him into the next life in exactly the same way). So we incarnate again and again into different bodies in order to be able to gradually work through all the baggage in order to achieve psychological and spiritual development from incarnation to incarnation. On the other hand, there are karmic entanglements that we create in the current life. For example, if a person has seriously injured you emotionally or, better yet, you have allowed yourself to be injured by them, then a negative karmic bond with this person or a karmic entanglement automatically arises that unbalances your mind. It often happens that we are unable to process this pain. So we then become ill with various illnesses (the main cause of an illness is always in a person's thoughts - a negative mental spectrum increasingly brings us out of balance and poisons our body), die afterwards and take this karmic ballast with us into the next life. When it comes to this, people often suppress such suffering and are unable to cope with it.

In the current new Age of Aquarius, our planet is experiencing a continuous increase in high-frequency energy. As a result, we humans adapt our own vibration frequency to that of the earth, which then leads to our own mental blockages/problems being transported into our daily consciousness so that we can stay at a high frequency again by working through/resolving these problems ..!!

However, due to a very special cosmic circumstance (cosmic cycle, galactic pulse, Platonic year), we are currently in an age in which we are asked to get rid of karmic baggage once and for all. Every day, the collective state of consciousness is flooded with cosmic radiation of the highest intensity, which results in inner wounds, heartaches, karmic entanglements, etc. being transported into our daily consciousness. This is done so that humanity can make a transition into the fifth dimension. The 5th dimension does not mean a place in itself, but simply a state of consciousness in which higher thoughts and emotions find their place, i.e. a state of consciousness from which a positive circumstance arises (keyword: Christ consciousness). We humans are all creators of our own reality and are able to shape our lives according to our own wishes (not meant in the anthropocentric sense - it is often equated with this).

Due to our own state of consciousness and the resulting fact that we humans can take our own fate into our own hands again with the help of our thoughts, we are also completely responsible for what happens in our lives. We therefore also attract what we think and feel or what we are and what we radiate into our lives (law of resonance). 

Suffering and other negative things are only produced in our own mind, in which we legitimize these energetically dense states in our own mind. No other person is therefore responsible for the suffering in our own lives, even if we often don't want to admit it and like to point the finger at other people and even blame other people for our own problems. In order to achieve a 5th dimensional state of consciousness, it is extremely important to get rid of lower thoughts and emotions, because this is the only way it will be possible for us to create a completely positive reality again. For this reason, humanity is currently increasingly confronted with negative emotions/thoughts (important frequency adjustment - creating a positive space).

Heartaches are of utmost importance in the process of awakening

process-of-awakeningThe greatest lessons in life are learned through pain. Someone who has completely experienced heartbreak and managed to overcome these negative aspects and rise above themselves again achieves true inner strength. You draw a lot of life energy from painful situations that you have overcome, learn valuable lessons and gain spiritual maturity. It currently looks like a lot of people are going through a so-called “dark time”. Separations take place outside as well as inside. Some people are confronted with their innermost fears, experience severe heartaches, experience depressive moods and experience emotional imbalance of the highest intensity. This intensity is enormous, especially in this newly beginning cosmic cycle. You often experience feelings of loneliness and instinctively assume that this dark time will never end. But everything in your life should be exactly as it is currently. Nothing, absolutely nothing, could have turned out differently in your life, because otherwise you would have experienced something completely different in your life, then you would have realized a completely different phase of your life. But that's not the case and accepting that is often very difficult. However, you should not let this discourage you, on the contrary, it is important to know that everything follows a strict cosmic plan, that ultimately everything happens for your good (creation is not working against you, the only one who could possibly feel all of this goes against him, you are yourself). This suffering process is very difficult, but ultimately serves our own mental and emotional development. If you get through this time and overcome your heartbreak, you can expect a life that will be full of happiness, joy and love. Due to the massive cosmic radiation that has been reaching us humans for several years now, the best conditions exist to be able to completely shed karmic ballast.

For our own mental and spiritual well-being it is often very important and, above all, unavoidable to experience the dark. Most of the time it is precisely the darkness that awakens in us a longing and appreciation for the light..!!

Some people will also find themselves in their last incarnation and manage to create a completely positive reality (These few people will become masters of their incarnation again + will create a mind/body/spirit system that is completely in balance). Of course, there is still a long way to go before this goal can be achieved. The peak of the subtle war will also take place between 2017 and 2018. In this context, the subtle war means a war between the soul and the ego, a war between light and darkness or a war between lower and higher vibration frequencies.

The current escalation of the war between light and darkness will ultimately lead to many people massively developing again and then bringing their own mental state back into complete balance..!! 

In the following years, until 2025, this intensity will gradually level off and a new world will emerge from the shadow of the warlike planetary circumstance (keyword: Golden Age). For this reason, we should not sink into our sadness or allow ourselves to be dominated by our own negative thoughts for too long, but rather use the time, go within ourselves and explore the causes of our emotional imbalance in order to, on the basis of this, to be able to grow beyond ourselves again. The ability to achieve this lies dormant in every human being and therefore we should not leave this potential unused, but rather fully exploit it for our own future well-being/prosperity. With this in mind, stay healthy, happy and live a life of harmony.

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    • Armando Weiler Mendonca 1. May 2020, 21: 36

      Hi, I'm Armando. Thank you very much. Was very helpful to me. Especially the point about the heartache that keeps coming up for me. I understand and feel a little more. Thank you for your giving.

    Armando Weiler Mendonca 1. May 2020, 21: 36

    Hi, I'm Armando. Thank you very much. Was very helpful to me. Especially the point about the heartache that keeps coming up for me. I understand and feel a little more. Thank you for your giving.