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Lately we humans are confronted with an extreme amount of hate and fear in the world. Above all, hatred is sown from all sides. Be it from our government, the media, the alternative media or our society. In this context, hatred and fears are brought back into our consciousness in a very targeted manner by a wide variety of instances. We humans then often take on these lowly, self-imposed burdens and allow ourselves to be mentally dominated by massive mind control. But you have to understand that there are powerful entities on our planet that infect our consciousness with such low trains of thought, various rich families and secret societies follow the occult ideologies and keep us captive in an artificially created state of consciousness.

Hatred and fears as part of mind control

mind controlYou've been seeing it everywhere lately. The media largely only reports on terrorist attacks, exaggerating them in the media and thereby frightening and terrifying us humans. You can read it in all the newspapers. Even on Facebook you are confronted with a lot of hate every day. Again and again, different people draw attention to these atrocities and sometimes extremely rush against people who have committed these terrible deeds, a real hatred of "terrorists" develops or it goes so far that mankind generalizes everything and because of this the whole Demonizes Islam, is afraid of it and shoots against it. The whole thing happens in different ways. On the one hand, the one-sided reporting stirs up a lot of hatred. Time and again attention is drawn to how bad the conditions are and these bad deeds are transported into our heads down to the smallest detail. Islam is identified as the main perpetrator. This in turn is transferred to society, which then legitimizes this hatred of certain people in their own spirit. We then let this hate grow in our own consciousness and focus all our attention on it. We ourselves become filled with hate and then incite against these people. “How can they do something like that? You should kill all of them! These subhumans, such a bunch have no business here, all the refugees should be shipped back to their countries!” If you read the comments on Facebook, it is sometimes frightening how strong this hatred is. But to be honest, that doesn't make us any better, quite the opposite. If we ourselves wish death for other people and hate other people, no matter what they have done, then we are not better, then we just let hate poison our minds and descend to a similar level. But you can't fight the hatred in the world with hate, it doesn't work that way. On the contrary, this only creates more hatred and does not contribute in any way to a more peaceful planetary circumstance.

Taking a look behind the scenes is the right step!

a look behind the scenesIt's much more important to see the big picture, you should get an overview of the whole situation that is going on here and take a look behind the scenes. When you do that, a lot of things become clear to you. The hate we are constantly confronted with is intentional, this hate keeps us trapped in an artificially created state of consciousness, one could also speak of an energetically dense state of consciousness in this context (everything in existence consists of energetic states, negativity condenses energetic states and positivity decondenses it (negativity = concentration, density, positivity = decondensation, light). But bundling the hate and directing it against other people doesn't help us any further. It looks completely different anyway. If you hate all the terrorists, or the wave of refugees then you have to understand yourself as a living person in this country that almost all attacks are deliberately initiated.All the terrorists are mostly trained, brainwashed mercenaries who are targeted by the NWO to create chaos, to raise awareness of the To poison humanity and to achieve a division of the European peoples in relation to Europe (fear of the poets and thinkers). In exactly the same way, the flow of refugees was artificially induced in order to achieve this goal. These people, including IS terrorists, are deliberately smuggled in here and our governments are fully aware of this (it is also important to know at this point that you should not blame these people/organizations, you are always responsible for your own Responsible for life, for what you think and feel yourself, you cannot blame the NWO for this planetary circumstance, you are always responsible for your own environment, small example: Many complain about chemtrails and then blame the rich families for making us sick, but we have it in our own hands, if you are dissatisfied with the pollution of our sky then take it into your own hands and clean the sky with orgonites and co). Apart from the fact that our lands are partly responsible for the fact that the countries from which all the refugees come were bombed. I mean our federal government exports and imports weapons on a large scale, countries are strategically divided by NATO and there is excessive trade with terrorist organizations (especially oil + arms trade).

Now, to return to the topic, in this context, of course, the fear spreads, fear that one could become the victim of an attack, fear that one could die soon and this fear then paralyzes us, prevents us from living and lets us become incapable. It must be said that fears have been fueled for centuries. Be afraid of the sun, it could cause skin cancer, be afraid of pathogens and get vaccinated. Take a close look at the media. You can find countless articles about terrible events on television and in various daily newspapers. There has always been a lot of fear propagated in this regard. In exactly the same way, the alternative media also stirs up a lot of fear. Fear of chemtrails, fear of the NWO and their terrible machinations, be afraid of the chemical additives that are administered in our food by the food industry, be afraid of a coming world war.

The biggest problem of our time are judgments against people who think differently and living people!!

make judgmentsAnd as soon as something does not correspond to one's own worldview, hatred is sown again. People who know nothing about the NWO are frowned upon, on the other hand people who deal with it are smiled at and called conspiracy theorists. People who eat vegan are portrayed as fools, and vegans then describe the "meat eaters" as backward and underexposed (I don't want to generalize, this only ever refers to individual people spreading this hatred or condemnations). And basically to end this is our biggest problem of the present time. JUDGMENTS/CONVICTIONS. People who do not represent an opinion that corresponds to their own world view or people who do not fit into their own world view are always condemned and, as a result, discredited. The other day someone posted a video on Facebook of an IFBB pro bodybuilder and everyone below was shooting at him like mad. "How disgusting does he look, how can you look like that, back in the jungle with him, what a fool, testosterone pregnant, etc." The sad thing is that this came from people who used to say that you should respect all people that everyone is unique, but that was a huge contradiction (it was also interesting that the corresponding bodybuilder, Kai Greene, is someone who always acts very respectfully and philosophically, lives modestly and after a few competitions drew attention to higher spiritual knowledge) .

Live and let live, an important step to create a peaceful environment!

Live and let liveThe motto should be live and let live. This is the only way we can end the hatred in the world, putting away all judgment and slander, and fully respecting another person's life again. Love, harmony and inner peace should be legitimized in our consciousness again in order to be able to inspire the lives of other people. Our own thoughts and feelings exert a tremendous influence on the collective consciousness and what we live out is always transferred to the world of thoughts of other people. When we do that and manifest these positive values ​​in our own reality, when we remove the hatred and fear from our mind and replace it with charity and harmony, then we lay the foundation for a peaceful world, it starts in the consciousness of each human being . As such, I end this article with a landmark quote from a very wise man. There is no way to peace, because peace is the way. In this sense stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony.

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