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About 3-4 weeks ago I published a text on my Facebook page regarding the fear that currently prevails in our society. In this text I have specifically drawn attention to the fear and hatred that is currently being consciously produced by a wide variety of instances in order to restrict our mental development, in order to keep us humans captive in an artificially created or energetically dense state of consciousness. Especially in the last few weeks, these topics have been more present than ever and if you look at the current planetary circumstance, you realize that it is important to do enlightenment in this area, so that this hatred that darkens people's hearts in the Germ is smothered. For this reason, I thought that I would publish this text unchanged in the form of an article on my website, so that it doesn't get lost in the vastness of the World Wide Web.

Why is fear and hatred being stirred up from all sides...?!

Hatred holds us captiveAt the moment there is just a lot of fear being fueled from all sides, be it the state, the media, alternative media or even many people here on Facebook. I don't want to justify the attacks in the past few days, it's terrible what's happening here and that families in particular have lost loved ones, but we mustn't let that fill us with hatred. Now the "refugees" or the IS are again blamed for all the attacks, but it is important to know that over 95% of the terrorist attacks are deliberately planned by occultists and then used to divide the peoples of Europe, to fear and to stir up hatred in order to poison people's minds. There is a plan behind everything and we are deliberately kept in an artificially created state of consciousness. All of this is done consciously and it works splendidly. You should also know that the flow of refugees was only artificially brought about in order to be able to realize the goals mentioned above (just like Charlie Hebdo, the occupation of Ukraine, the Gaza massacre, MH17, MH370, etc.) and all the other attacks. And if this was already artificially brought about, one can assume that there is even more behind the attack in Ansbach. As I said, these people, the rich families, secret services, states will stop at nothing and deliberately keep us ignorant. And we go into it, get angry, hateful, and scared, but this has to end. We must no longer allow ourselves to be ruled by this fear but must let love come in, must learn to look at these events from a higher perspective instead of allowing ourselves to be frightened and frightened because this very fear is the problem, it paralyzes us, makes us sick , mentally incapable and prevents us humans from fathoming our true creative potential. If we go into it we just lose ourselves and allow the consciously produced chaos, the consciously produced fear to cloud our mind massively and thus the mind control will continue successfully.

There is no way to peace, because peace is the way!!

Peace must comePeace always arises inside a person first and can thus be carried outward into the world. If we want this spiritual enslavement to end then take love out into the world, for love is what the elite fear/despise most. Powerful industries support and finance terror, states produce, import and export weapons on a large scale, support and trade with terrorist organizations such as IS, cause terrorist attacks and then pretend that they are horrified and will now ensure more peace... ahh ridiculous!!! Our federal government: RIDICULOUS, BE ASHAMED FOR WHAT YOU DO TO PEOPLE EVERY DAY!!! Oh man, it even overcomes me, you shouldn't show contempt to these people either, but show them understanding, because people who consciously produce/support chaos long for love deep inside just like we do, are just the same people who are currently simple are just misguided and still carry darkness in their hearts. But what can we do if we are too small to make a difference? OF COURSE NOT! Inner peace, love and truth are the basis of life that we should manifest again in our consciousness. From this positive intellectual basis, an environment is created, a collective reality that will be inspired by peace (any thoughts and emotions flow into the collective consciousness, expand and change it). From this inner peace truthfulness arises and this awakens our true self. The industries will die if we no longer support them or adapt to positive changes if the masses no longer pull along.

Propaganda Newspapers and broadcasters should be avoided so that they finally end their propaganda machine. Mankind should be peacefully enlightened about what is really taking place here and the NWO terror must no longer frighten us. Let the fear and anger go away and direct your awareness, your focus on the peace and love that can be generated in your spirit, that will be the first step to becoming truly free. Stop the rush, anger and hatred and begin to create a peaceful reality that will make our planetary condition a better one.

I am happy about any support ❤ 

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