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When we humans try to imagine space-timeless states, we often reach our limits after a very short time. We think about it for countless hours and still don't make any headway in our own thinking. The problem with this is that we imagine things that are usually difficult for our own mind to understand in a much too abstract way. In this context, we think in material patterns, a phenomenon that in turn can be traced back to our egoistic or materially oriented mind. In order to remedy this, it is necessary to legitimize immaterial thought patterns in one's own mind. At the end of the day it becomes possible to understand space-timeless conditions.

Our thoughts are timeless

thoughts-are-space-timelessUltimately, it appears that every human being permanently experiences space-timelessness or space-timeless states. Apart from that, matter only represents an immaterial projection of one's own consciousness and for this reason space-timelessness is omnipresent, even representing the structural nature of our original ground (everything in existence is ultimately just an expression of a gigantic, space-timeless consciousness. An overarching consciousness that... individualized through incarnation and expressed in all existing life forms), space-timelessness in this regard can be traced back to our own mental imagination. There is neither space nor time in our thoughts!!! Because of this fact, we can also imagine anything we want without being restricted or limited in our imagination. You can imagine whatever you want, physical limitations do not exist in your thoughts. I can now, within this moment, which has always existed, is and will be (an eternally extending moment, the present), imagine everything that is dear to me, for example a paradisiacal world in which peace reigns complex world with mountains, beautiful seas, fascinating creatures, surrounded by a colorful panorama, without being limited in my mental imagination. In the same way, time does not exist in our minds. For example, imagine a person, does this person age? Of course not, because time doesn't exist in your mental imagination in that sense. Of course you could age the person using your imagination, but this is not due to time, but to your mental power, which in turn is not subject to any restrictions or space-time.

Due to the space-timeless circumstance, thoughts are very powerful, not least because our entire reality emerges from them..!!

That is also the special thing in life. Ultimately, our thoughts are very powerful and can be used to create complex, space-timeless worlds. No wonder why we humans love to dream so much. Another special feature is the fact that your own mental imagination is not subject to any time limits. When you imagine something, it happens directly, without detours, within a moment. So you can create a complex, space-timeless world within a moment, the whole thing happens immediately and you don't have to wait for your own mental image because of the space-time you created yourself, to which you are bound every day. With this in mind, stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony.

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