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Conscious eating is something that has been lost in today's world. Instead of eating naturally and, above all, consciously, we tend to consume far too much overall due to countless ready meals, sweets, soft drinks and other chemically contaminated foods or due to our own addiction to these foods. In this context, we then often lose track of our own eating habits, may suffer from cravings, eat literally everything we can get our hands on comes and so completely lose the feeling for a conscious diet.

The expression of one's own nutritional awareness

nutritional awarenessSeen in this way, there is hardly any nutritional awareness of one's own, because then one no longer pays attention to the quality or the corresponding effects of individual products, but one eats what one feels like without worrying about the effects at such moments . On the other hand, of course, there are also people who then worry about the negative effects of energetically dense food (“food” that has a very low Bovis value or whose natural information has been almost completely destroyed – low vibrational environment). you can't resist because of your own addictive behavior. Ultimately, this is also something to admit to oneself - admitting that one has developed a strong addiction to such foods over the course of one's life. Otherwise, for example, you wouldn't drink any cola, wouldn't eat any ready-made products, you wouldn't consume a schnitzel with fries or even eat a whole bag full of sweets. Why should one also voluntarily ingest poison, something that impairs the body's own functionalities, something that in turn is responsible for the development of countless diseases, something that at the end of the day only boosts/triggers your own craving for addiction and additionally your own state of consciousness clouds!?

The consumption of energetically dense food disturbs our natural energetic balance, damages our cell environment, our DNA and weakens our body's immune system..!!

We only do this out of sheer addiction. Otherwise, the consumption of energetically dense food does not offer any advantages. Of course, some people equate a natural diet with doing without and plead that occasional consumption is good for them, that this is balm for their own soul from time to time.

The clouding of our own state of consciousness..!!

A natural/alkaline diet works wondersBut ultimately this is just a fallacy, a justification for one's own addictive behavior. It is much more balm for the soul when you have developed a strong awareness of nutrition, when you feel the rapid increase in your own willpower, when you manage to create a completely clear state of consciousness through natural nutrition, when you are proud of your own Health + one's own well-being can be and at the same time know that one has nipped all diseases in the bud. Then you finally notice that this renunciation basically does not exist at all, on the contrary, you then gain an indescribable feeling of mental clarity, feel great, are extremely dynamic, powerful and subsequently develop a much stronger body awareness. Apart from that, you also feel a feeling of “perfect health”. A person who eats a completely natural diet (i.e. eats a natural/alkaline diet) usually knows that he can hardly ever get sick (except in extreme cases, of course - keyword: nuclear radiation or other highly dangerous things) . Apart from one's own early childhood trauma and other mental stress (everything is a product of our own mind), illnesses are the result of a disturbed physical environment. This disorder then results from an unbalanced or unnatural diet.

An unnatural diet reduces the frequency of our own state of consciousness in the long run, which then leads to a dammed state of consciousness..!!

Through our unnatural diet, we deprive ourselves of a high energetic level, we feel more lethargic, depressed, heavier, are generally more tired and thus permanently burden our own mind/body/spirit system. We reduce our own willpower and, as a result, also the expression - the use of our own creative abilities ("More passivity instead of activity").

A natural/alkaline diet works wonders

A natural diet works wondersYou literally restrict yourself in your own actions and cannot perform as well as you could actually do. At the end of the day, this in turn puts a strain on your own thought spectrum, which causes us to be fundamentally more negative. In exactly the same way, we are then subject to diseases more often, since our body's own cell milieu then also promotes the development of diseases. But as I said, no disease can exist in a basic + oxygen-rich cell environment, let alone develop. For this reason, the path to health does not lead through the pharmacy, but through the kitchen. With such a diet, we can free ourselves from any disease and, on top of that, find our way back to our natural processes. For example, if a person eats a completely natural diet for 2 weeks, then he has developed a much stronger body awareness in this period of time. This in turn makes itself felt on all levels of existence. Apart from the fact that you are bursting with life again, you can no longer eat many ready meals. If you were to drink a cola, for example, it would be repulsive for you, since the restoration/expression of the original taste receptors cannot deal with it at all. We were just made dependent (or we let ourselves be made dependent), but basically we weren't made for an unnatural way of life. Otherwise, this would not lead to physical decay, let us age extremely quickly and accelerate + favor the development of diseases.

By realigning our own mind + restructuring our own subconscious, we can recreate a reality where no dependencies dominate our own mind..!!

Ultimately, of course, I don't want to make the claim that it would be easy to free yourself from these dependencies. Since we have been conditioned to energetically dense foods for countless years, and our subconscious is literally full of these negative "nutrition programs", it is not an easy task to free yourself from it and to reprogram your own subconscious accordingly. Nevertheless, it is not an impossibility, but a mental scenario that is just waiting to be realized by us humans. We are the creators of our own reality. We are the designers of our own destiny and only we ourselves are able to initiate a change in this regard. However, the feeling we get from it is so unique, so positive, so warming that it is hard to describe (the feeling of mental clarity). In this sense stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony.

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