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We humans often assume that there is a general reality, an all-encompassing reality in which every living being is located. Because of this, we tend to generalize many things and present our personal truth as a universal truth. It is well known. You are discussing a certain topic with someone and claiming that your point of view corresponds to reality or the truth. Ultimately, however, one cannot generalize in this sense or present one's own ideas as a true part of an apparently overarching reality. Even if we like to do this, this is a fallacy, since every person is the creator of his own reality, his own life and, above all, his own inner truth.

We are creators of our own reality

Creator of our own realityBasically, it seems that there is no general reality, since each person is much more of a creator of his own reality. We all create our own reality, our own life, based on our consciousness and with the help of the thoughts that arise from it. Everything you have experienced in your life, everything you have created, every action you have committed, could only be experienced/realized based on your mental basis. The whole of life is therefore merely a product of one's own mental spectrum, it has always been that way and that is how it always will be. Due to the creative potential or the creative ability of consciousness, it also represents the highest authority in existence. Without thoughts, nothing can be created; changing one's own reality is only possible due to one's own thoughts. No matter what you will do, whatever action you will carry out in your future life, this will only be possible because of your thoughts. You meet friends only because of your mental imagination, which allows you to think about it, which allows you to imagine the corresponding scenario, which then enables you to realize the corresponding action on a material level. You manifest your thought on the material plane of existence by committing a previously imagined action.

Thought represents the basic basis of our existence..!!

In this context, thought or mental energy, or rather consciousness and the resulting thought processes, represent the origin of our existence. In the seemingly infinite expanses of... Multiverse there is no force/power that can stand above consciousness/thoughts. The thought always came first. For this reason, spirit rules over matter and not the other way around. Spirit stands for the complex interaction of consciousness + subconscious and our own reality emerges from this fascinating interaction.

We are all spiritual beings having a human experience..!!

In the same way, you are not the body, but rather the spirit that rules over your own body. You are not the human body, consisting of flesh and blood, that gains a spiritual experience in this incarnation, but rather you are a spiritual/spiritual being that experiences a dualitarian/material world with the help of your body. For this reason, every person is only an expression of his or her own state of consciousness. This aspect also makes it clear again that the entire life is ultimately just a mental projection of our own consciousness and with the help of this consciousness we shape our own reality and can change the view of our own mental projection. This aspect also makes us humans very powerful beings, because we can become aware that we are the creators of our own circumstances; a dog, for example, could not do this. Of course, a dog is also the creator of his own circumstances, but he cannot become aware of this.

Your inner truth is an integral part of your reality!!

Since we humans are creators of our own reality, we are also creators of our own inner truth. Ultimately, there is no general truth in this sense; on the contrary, each person determines for themselves what they recognize as truth and what they do not. But this inner truth only applies to yourself and not to other people. If I am convinced that I am the creator of my own reality, if I have personally recognized this as the truth in my reality, then this only applies to me. If you think to yourself that this is nonsense and it isn't, then this view, this belief, this inner conviction corresponds to your reality and is then part of your inner truth.

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