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Everything is energy. This knowledge is now familiar to many people. Matter is ultimately just condensed energy or an energetic state that has assumed a material state due to a very low vibration frequency. However, not everything is made of matter, but of energy, to be precise, our entire creation consists of an all-pervading consciousness, which in turn consists of energy that vibrates at a corresponding frequency. If you want to understand the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency, oscillation, vibration and information, a realization that even the then electrical engineer and physicist Nikola Tesla came to. Everything therefore consists of immaterial, subtle states. Whether your reality, your state of consciousness, your body, your heart, your words, everything vibrates, everything moves and everything is of an energetic nature.

Our energy lives on in other people's hearts

We pass on our energyAs humans, we continually give part of our unlimited energy to other people, ensuring that our energy lives on as a memory in other people's hearts. In this context, part of our life energy is transferred to every person with whom we are currently interacting, even to every person with whom we are currently interacting on a mental level. In one of my older articles I discussed that other people who, for example, have a negative basic attitude or even view their lives from a negative perspective, often unconsciously energy vampires act. They rob other people of part of their energy with their negative attitude, their judgments and blasphemies, they make other people feel bad and in most cases we as humans respond to this and thus consciously reduce our own vibration frequency. Nevertheless, part of one's own energy is always transferred to the state of consciousness of other people. Seen in this way, we carry fragments of our soul out into the world, automatically scattering sparks of our own spirit into the world. For example, when you meet a new person, for example you make new acquaintances at a party, then you transfer a small part of your energy into the other person's mind or heart.

As soon as you think of a person, you immediately feel their energy in your own mind, in your heart..!!

If the other person thinks of you - for whatever reason - then that person will feel your energy in their spirit at such moments. Every person who knows you and thinks of you from time to time feels a splinter of your life energy, your spirit or even your soul in their consciousness at this moment.

Transferring your life energy, your mental or mental state!

Energy of other people in your soulIn this context, we feel the presence or rather the energy of each other either in our own heart, or in our own spirit or mind. People with whom we have a positive bond or a positive attitude are in our hearts. We have a positive attitude towards the people in question, so we also feel their energy in our hearts. People with whom we have a negative relationship, for whatever reason, we feel in our mind, in our egoistic mind. An energetic imprint of another person whose frequency we have lowered due to negative attitudes. The longer you interact with a person, the more energy is transferred from that person to ourselves and vice versa. For example, if a small child has experiences with people who are malicious towards him, then a lot of negative energy is transferred to this child. However, the first years of life are very formative and the baby/child should be fed with positive energies (love), so the child develops a positive attitude over the course of its life, which can be attributed to all the positive energies of other people, which in turn have a positive effect on the child Develop the child's heart. In the same way, each other's energy can even change your own behavior.

The more you interact with a person, the more their energy is transferred to your own energetic state..!!

For example, my best friend has a very funny cousin who always has a joke on his lips. My friend carries his energy in his heart, feels the fragments of his soul every time he thinks of him. My friend likes to take over his jokes and tell them 1:1 like his cousin. His facial expressions, gestures, tone of voice, everything is 1:1 like his cousin. He imitates his behavior. But apart from imitation, one could also say that he is imitating his cousin's energy or that his cousin's energy has helped his character traits to develop in his own heart. For this reason, it is advisable to put positive energy out into the world. The more positive intentions/energies we put out into the world in this regard, the more people are likely to carry this positive energy in their own hearts. With this in mind, stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony.

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