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The world as we know it is about to change completely. We are in the midst of a cosmic shift, a tremendous upheaval that is spiritual/spiritual level of human civilization is increasing drastically. In this context, people also change their view of the world, revise their own, materially oriented worldview and increasingly explore their own primal ground again, recognizing that mind/consciousness is the highest authority in existence. In this regard, we also gain new insights into the outer world, learn autodidactically again to look at life from a more sensitive point of view. In doing so, we also recognize what matter or material states are really all about, why matter ultimately represents condensed energy and the entire world is merely an immaterial projection of our own state of consciousness.

Everything is spiritual in nature

awarenessFor thousands of years mankind has been philosophizing about the universe, the world and above all about their own origin. The most diverse philosophers, scientists, mystics and dogmatists came to the most diverse insights. It is now 2017 and more and more people are dealing with their own root cause again due to a massive increase in frequency. In this context, more and more people are realizing that the basic reason for our life, the basic structure of our existence, is spirit/consciousness. Consciousness is the supreme authority in existence, an all-encompassing force from which our current life has sprung. A person's entire life is a product of their own state of consciousness and the thoughts that go with it, one could also say that a person's life is a product of their thoughts, their mental spectrum. Everything you have ever done in your life is a result of your own mental imagination. This spiritual principle is even part of a universal law, namely that principle of the mind. Consciousness is also the only creative force in the universe in this regard, only with the help of consciousness are we able to realize thoughts, are able to transform our own reality (everyone creates their own reality).

Anything ever invented existed first as a thought in a human's mind..!!

If you look back at the history of mankind, you will also find that all great inventions first existed as a thought in a person's consciousness. All the inventors had brilliant ideas, fascinating thoughts, which they then realized, turned into reality. This would not have been possible without thought, then none of these inventors would have been able to invent anything at all.

Consciousness and the thoughts arising from it represent the basis of our existence..!!

This was only possible because of one's own mental imagination. Consciousness and the resulting thoughts are the basis of our life, and creation always springs from them. Ultimately, even the entire creation is just an expression of consciousness, an overarching, almost elusive consciousness that firstly represents our source, secondly is primarily responsible for our life and thirdly in every creature, in every human being, as an individual expression - for exploration of one's own existence, comes to the fore.

Life is an immaterial projection of one's consciousness

Consciousness = Our groundIn order to understand the whole construct a little better, it is also important to get an insight into our outer world or into material conditions. For a long time it was believed that matter was ultimately a solid, rigid state and that frequency/vibration was in no way related to matter. But matter is not matter in this sense, or rather it is something completely different than we humans think. What we perceive as solid, rigid matter is merely condensed energy or an energetic state whose vibration frequency is so low that it has the characteristics that are typical for us. Nevertheless, matter is not a solid, rigid state, but only energy that oscillates at a frequency. Frequency, vibration and movement are 3 main attributes of our ground. But what about consciousness? Well, consciousness is immaterial, energy vibrating at an appropriate frequency. Everything is frequency, motion, vibration and even information. Energy that is denser and denser from the inside out, a frequency that oscillates ever lower until it takes on a material appearance. The world as we know it is therefore an immaterial construct that can be experienced/perceived through our own consciousness.

The entire world is just an immaterial projection of your own state of consciousness..!!

If you look at the world, the trees, animals, mountains, houses and people, then all these things are just a projection of your own state of consciousness. Your current state of consciousness projects your thoughts out into the world, into the world. That's why you perceive the world as you are.

Matter is condensed energy, an energetic state that has the typical material characteristics due to a low vibration frequency..!!

One always looks at the world from an individual state of consciousness. Ultimately, matter is also only of an immaterial or energetic nature, since deep inside it only consists of oscillating energetic states. Of course, this energy has assumed a solid state, yet it is energy, vibration and movement. In this sense stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony.

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