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God is often personified. We are in the belief that God is a person or a powerful being that exists above or behind the universe and watches over us humans. Many people imagine God as an old wise man who is responsible for the creation of our lives and may even judge the living beings on our planet. This image has accompanied most of humanity for thousands of years, but since the new platonic year was ushered in, many people see God in a completely different light. In the following article I will explain what the personification of God is really all about and why such thinking is a fallacy.

A fallacy triggered by our 3-dimensional mind!!

Why God is not a humanoid life form!!

God is not a person, much more a gigantic consciousness that expresses itself in all existing material and immaterial states and is constantly experiencing it.

As already mentioned, God is not an almighty being that exists above or behind the universe and watches over us humans. This misconception is due to our 3-dimensional, materially oriented mind. We often try to interpret life using this mind. We try to imagine life and repeatedly come up against our mental limits. This phenomenon is due to our 3-dimensional, egoistic mind. Because of this, we humans often only think in terms of material patterns, which ultimately does not lead to groundbreaking results in the long run. Understanding life requires looking at the big picture from an immaterial perspective. It is important to legitimize 5-dimensional, subtle thinking in one's own spirit again, only then will we be able to get a deeper insight into life again. God is not a person, but much more a subtle structure that represents the origin of all life. Well, this assumption is at least often claimed. But even this idea represents only a part of the whole. Basically it looks like this. The supreme authority in existence, that which is responsible for the creation and realization of all material and immaterial states, is consciousness. Everything arises from consciousness. Everything you can imagine, everything you see right now, is only a mental projection of your own consciousness. Awareness always comes first. Any action that you have committed in your life you could only put into action because of your consciousness and the resulting train of thought. You go for a walk only because you first imagined going for a walk. You had the thought of it and then realized it by committing to the action. You are reading this article only because you imagined reading it now. You meet someone you know, then only because of your mental imagination of the meeting. That's how it's always been in the vastness of existence. Everything that ever happened, happens and will happen is just a product of your own thoughts.

The special properties of our consciousness

First you imagine what you want to do, then you realize the thought by putting it on "material level' into action. You manifest a thought, let it become reality. Every human being, every animal or everything that exists has a consciousness. Consciousness is also always the same in form, shape and ability. It is spacetimeless, infinite, polarityless and constantly expanding. As for God, it is much more a gigantic consciousness, a consciousness that pervades all of existence, expressing itself through incarnation in all states of existence, individualizing and thus continuously experiencing itself in all that exists.

The Divine Convergence is energy vibrating on frequencies!!!

God consists of energetic states

Consciousness has the special property that it consists of energetic states, which in turn can condense or decondense due to associated vortex mechanisms.

Each person has a part of this consciousness and uses it as a tool to experience life. The overarching consciousness that represents the ground of our life could also be described as a divine consciousness in this context. However, it still has a few very important aspects. On the one hand, people like to say that everything in existence consists of energy, which is also the name of my website: Everything is energy. That is basically correct. Deep inside, God or consciousness consists only of energy, of energetic states, and since everything in existence is only an expression of consciousness, everything in life also consists of energetic states. The structure of consciousness is spacetimeless energy, and this energy has intriguing attributes. On the one hand, energetic states can change due to associated vortex mechanisms (we humans call these Chakras) compress or decompress. Negativity of all kinds condenses energetic states, while positivity decondenses them. When you are angry or sad, you feel paralyzed and a heavy feeling spreads throughout your body. This is because this energetic density compresses your vibrational level. If you are happy and content, then a lightness spreads in you. Your energetic vibration level de-densifies, your subtle basis becomes lighter. In our lives we are subject to a permanent alternation of lightness and heaviness. We condense our own foundation or decompress it. Sometimes we are sad or negative and other times we are happy, positive. The 3 dimensional mind is responsible for the production of all energetic density. This selfish mind makes us judge, feel hate, feel pain, sorrow hate and anger. In this context, the 5-dimensional mental mind is responsible for the production of energetic light. When we act out of this we are happy, content, loving, caring and positive.

Light and love, the 2 purest forms of expression!!

In many esoteric circles one often has the assumption that light and love above all represent the love of God. But you have to understand that love or light and love represent the 2 highest vibrating (lightest) energetic states that the conscious creative spirit continuously experiences and can experience. Since consciousness expresses itself in all existing states, consciousness as a whole naturally also experiences these states, for there is always an incarnate consciousness experiencing these states. But one must understand that without consciousness one could not experience love. Without consciousness you could not feel any sensations, you would not be able to do that, that is only possible with consciousness. A person is only able to legitimize love in their own spirit because of their own consciousness.

God is always present!!

God is always present!!

Ultimately, every person is an image of God or just an expression of a divine consciousness with the help of which one creates one's own life at any time, in any place.

Due to the fact that God expresses himself in all existing states, God is also permanently present, basically one is only an expression of God oneself. God manifests in everything that exists and for this reason everything in life is only an image of God or the divine convergence. Everything you can see, for example all of nature, is just a divine expression. You are God yourself, you consist of God and you are surrounded by God all around you. But often we feel separated from God. We have the feeling that God is not with us and experience an inner separation from the divine ground. This feeling is due to our lower 3 dimensional mind blurring our reality and making us feel alone, thinking in material patterns and not seeing God at all. But there is never a separation unless you naturally allow this separation in your own mind. At the end of this article I would like to mention that this is just my own opinion and view of life. I don't want to impose my opinion on anyone or convince anyone of it, dissuade anyone from their belief. You should always form your own opinion, question things in a targeted manner and deal objectively with everything that happens to you in peace. If someone has a deep faith and is convinced of their idea of ​​​​God in a positive sense, then this can be a beautiful thing. With this article I am only revealing to you the individual thoughts of a young person on life. In this sense stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony.

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