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Human history

The human history we are taught must be wrong, there is no doubt about it. Countless past relics and buildings keep reminding us that thousands of years ago, no simple, prehistoric peoples existed, but that countless, forgotten advanced cultures populated our planet. In this context, these high cultures possessed an extremely developed state of consciousness and were very aware of their true origin. They understood life, saw through the immaterial cosmos and knew that they themselves were the creators of their own circumstances. These advanced civilizations also possessed groundbreaking technologies that allowed structures to be built with the utmost precision.

Majestic buildings, divine symbolism and other clues

mayan templeFor this reason, there are hundreds of pyramids and pyramid-like buildings (Maya temples) on our planet. These pyramids/temple complexes can be found all over the world, some of them can even be found in Germany. Many of these pyramids have long been forgotten because they are completely overgrown by forests. However, these buildings can be found everywhere. Ancient pyramids designed with the utmost precision golden section and the circular number Pi were built at a time when, according to our history books, these mathematical constants were not known at all. Nevertheless, these buildings exist and in this context have been able to survive the centuries. Exactly the same way there are more than 400 underwater cities on our planet (A key word here is Atlantis). Of course, all this is kept from us by our governments, secret societies and media, because it is not in their interest that mankind becomes spiritually free again or fathoms the true origin of life. That would ultimately lead to an increased dissolution of the artificially created state of consciousness lead in which we humans are held captive every day. You can also find references to past high cultures in the form of divine symbolism. As far as that is concerned, you hear it again and again from the flower of Life. In this context, the flower of life, which consists of 19 intertwined circles, is one of the oldest symbols on our planet.

Sacred Geometry is appearing all over our planet..!!

It appears in numerous cultures and, like the ancient buildings, can be found all over the world. It is a symbol of protection and stands for the cosmic order, for our immaterial origin. The oldest representation of the flower of life was found in Egypt on the pillars of the temple of Abydos and is estimated to be around 5000 years old in its perfection. All coincidence, of course not. There is no coincidence. Coincidence is merely a construct of our 3-dimensional mind to have an "explanation" for inexplicable phenomena.

The earlier high cultures sent us messages in the form of various symbols..!!

But everything has a reason. There can be no effect without a corresponding cause and for this reason there is a certain mysticism hidden behind the sacred geometry, the ancient buildings, behind the apparently prehistoric peoples, which is just waiting to be decoded by us humans.

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