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Consciousness is the origin of our life; there is no material or immaterial state, no place, no occurring product of creation that does not consist of consciousness or its structure and has a parallel consciousness. Everything has consciousness. Everything is consciousness and consciousness is therefore everything. Of course, in every existing state there are different states of consciousness, different levels of consciousness, but at the end of the day it is the power of consciousness that connects us on all levels of existence. Everything is one and one is everything. Everything is connected to one another, separation, for example a separation from God, from our divine source is only an illusion in this regard, brought about by our own selfish minds.

The earth has a consciousness..!!

Our earth is aliveOur planet Earth is more than just a huge planet, a piece of rock on which a wide variety of creatures have settled over time. Our planet is itself a living being, a complex organism, which in turn has a consciousness and also provides a breeding ground for countless other living beings (all planets have a consciousness). Our planet breathes, thrives, constantly changes its own state and perfectly embodies the principles of all universal laws. First of all, our planet is a result of its own consciousness, is shaped/shaped by consciousness (for example by human hands or its reactions to planetary pollution - more on this below) and in turn, like everything in existence, consists of energy, which in turn is based on one corresponding frequency (everything is energy, vibration, movement, information). For this reason, our planet is not an organism that emerged by chance - there is no such thing as a supposed coincidence anyway, but rather it is an expression of consciousness. Furthermore, our planet perfectly reflects the principle of correspondence. As below, so above, as in the microcosm, so also in the macrocosm. Everything is similar because everything consists of the same basic energetic structure of life. For example, an atom has a structure similar to that of a solar system or a planet. An atom has a nucleus around which electrons revolve. Galaxies have nuclei around which solar systems orbit. A solar system has a sun at the center with planets orbiting around it. Other galaxies border galaxies, other solar systems border solar systems.

Everything is reflected on smaller and larger scales, both in the microcosm and in the macrocosm..!!

Just like in the microcosm one atom follows the next. Large planets are therefore always reflected in the microcosm due to their structure and vice versa. This is exactly how our planet subscribes to the principle of harmony or balance. It is a gentle giant after all, a planet that blooms with life, provides the perfect breeding ground for life to thrive and at the same time keeps natural habitats in a healthy balance. Of course there are natural disasters and one might think that they would contradict this principle.

Our planet is a living organism, an expression of consciousness, which also has perception and other abilities attributable to consciousness..!!

At this point it must be said that most natural disasters are caused either by Haarp and co. were brought about artificially, or were/are even a reaction to massive planetary poisoning. On the other hand, our planet also perfectly reflects the principle of rhythm and vibration. Our planet is constantly changing. Continents are shifting, forests are depleting, new landscapes are forming and no year does the earth's surface look 1:1 the same. Growth and decay are integral parts of our lives, nothing stays the same, change is a consistent consequence of consciousness and our planet therefore follows this principle par excellence.

The increase in planetary vibrational frequency

Our earth breathesCurrently, due to a newly begun cosmic cycle that was predicted to the day by Maya (December 21.12.2012, XNUMX - beginning of the Age of Aquarius, beginning of the apocalyptic years, apocalypse = revelation/revelation), our planet is currently creating more space for peace, Harmony and love. In the past millennia, a low-frequency circumstance meant that, firstly, we humans were virtually unable to become aware of our own mental abilities and, secondly, in these times there was a generally cold, emotional circumstance due to the low planetary vibration frequency. A lot of space has been given for our own selfish minds, for feelings/thoughts of a lower kind (Dark Ages). However, due to the irreversible increase in vibration, there is now more space for the development of positive thoughts/emotions/actions. As a result, the earth is undergoing a complex cleansing. Environmental disasters, floods, volcanic eruptions, tornadoes, severe droughts and generally massive storms are included - if they were not artificially brought about by the elites, a result of the planetary frequency increase. For centuries, especially in the last few decades, our planet has been massively poisoned by human hands. Whether our oceans, into which various chemicals have been washed (lots of petroleum), our forests, which have been/are being cleared, the exploitation of the animal world, the third world, the contamination of our food by pesticides etc., areas that are heavily contaminated with radiation (Nuclear accidents - there are many more than expected), or in general all the past wars in which larger natural areas were bombed.

Our planet is currently undergoing an energetic cleansing and is thereby creating more space for love, harmony and peace..!!

Man has tried to play God in recent years, even though God wouldn't do something like that, it's more barbaric or occult in nature to sow destruction and pollution. But our planet is a sensitive organism and feels exactly what is happening on it. For this reason, it cleanses itself and increases its own vibration frequency, which can, firstly, trigger natural disasters and, secondly, we humans regain the ability to live in harmony with nature. Humanity is therefore developing massively, just like our planet is currently doing.

Due to the newly begun cosmic cycle and the resulting increase in frequency, humanity is experiencing a quantum leap into awakening..!!

There is an enormous expansion of our state of consciousness and we humans are now learning to act autodidactically from our own mental mind. A unique development that will definitely lead us into a golden age. With this in mind, stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony. 🙂 

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