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Some time ago or a few weeks ago I wrote an article about a 70 year old prophecy about the Bulgarian spiritual teacher Peter Konstantinov Deunov, who in turn made some exciting predictions for the current time in his time. It was mainly about the fact that the earth is going through a tremendous purification process, which not only not only the entire planetary circumstance, but also us humans undergo a transformation through which we develop massively spiritually.

The Earth is currently being flooded by cosmic waves

changeI cited the website erhoehtesconsciousness.de as the source because this site published his complete prophecy. The title was as follows: “Earth will soon be flooded by extraordinarily rapid waves of cosmic electricity - a 70-year-old prophecy". Ultimately, this headline indicated that a huge cosmic wave will soon reach us, which will apparently bring with it massive consciousness-expanding or even cleansing influences. Ultimately, in this context, countless pages have already reported on a corresponding "Wave X". This is basically a high-energy wave that is emitted by our galactic central sun every 26.000 years and is due to a galactic pulse. In that regard, it is important to understand that everything in existence has consciousness. Not only we humans, animals or even plants have consciousness (and are a manifestation of consciousness - our spiritual origin), even our mother earth, even all planets, galaxies and universes (there is not just one stationary one, but countless stationary ones Universes) have a consciousness and are consequently also a spiritual expression. This is why our galaxy “pulsates”.

Everything in existence is an expression of consciousness. For this reason, our original reason or the source of life is also of a mental/spiritual nature and constantly experiences itself in everything that exists..!! 

To be precise, even at the center of our galaxy there is a giant double star, a source of light, called the Galactic Central Sun.

The energy wave “Wave X” is already here

The energy wave “Wave X” is already hereThis galactic central sun pulsates in a regular rhythm and each of these pulses takes 26.000 years to complete. With each of these pulse beats, gigantic amounts of high-energy particles are released, which then flow through the cosmos at enormous speed and also reach our solar system or our planet. This galactic wave not only reaches and changes the structure of our planet, but it even changes the collective state of consciousness of humanity and subsequently triggers a quantum leap into awakening. This is also one of the main reasons why we humans are currently in this time of change and have increasingly begun to explore our own origins. Due to this increase in our own frequency state, we not only become more truth-oriented and recognize profound connections regarding the current illusionary system (an illusionary world created by elitist families that was built around our minds), but we also find our way back to our origins and thus begin a life situation to create, which is characterized by love, harmony, peace and balance. Many writings therefore point out that Wave X will reach us in the next few years and will subsequently initiate these profound collective changes. Ultimately, it must be said at this point, and this is also the point I wanted to make, that this wave X is not imminent, but that it is already here. The changes and further developments can be felt everywhere and the quantum leap into awakening was initiated due to the wave that arrived a few years ago. We humans are currently experiencing a much higher peak phase of this wave, which is why cleaning processes can also be found everywhere.

Due to the peak of the incoming wave

The world is changing faster than ever before and more and more people are seeing through the illusion (penetrating the illusionary world with their spirit) created by the low-frequency system (puppet states/politicians, synchronized mass media, financial elite/corrupt banking system, various industrial cartels etc.) was caused. For this reason, the opportunities to develop ourselves mentally and spiritually are currently more present than ever before and we can change our entire view of the world within a short period of time, and can initiate a special further development of our own state of consciousness within a short period of time lead. In this sense stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony.

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