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The eyes are the mirror of your soul. This saying is ancient and contains a lot of truth. Basically, our eyes represent an interface between the immaterial and material world. With our eyes we can see the mental projection of our own consciousness and also visually experience the realization of different trains of thought. Furthermore, one can see in a person's eyes the current state of consciousness. In addition, the eyes reflect your own mental state. I explain why this is so in the following article.

The eyes reflect your own state of consciousness!!

Eyes mirror state of consciousness

The eyes represent the interface between the material and immaterial world. With them it becomes possible to visually perceive one's own mental projection of consciousness. 

If you look deeply into a person's eyes, it is possible to immediately recognize their state of consciousness. Every person has a consciousness and creates their own reality with its help and the resulting thought processes. Everything arises from consciousness. All material and immaterial states are ultimately just a product of consciousness. Every action that a person commits and will commit in his life is only possible because of his mental basis. Every action is made possible by thoughts. Every decision, every action, every experience you have had so far in life came from your own imagination. You imagine something, for example going out for ice cream with friends, and then you realize the thought on a material level by committing the action. In this context, one's own state of consciousness is constantly changing, because one's own consciousness expands at any time and in any place with new experiences, which then become available in the form of thoughts. Everything you experience and, above all, feel flows into your own state of consciousness. If you are sad, angry, hateful, jealous or envious then these feelings represent part of your state of consciousness at that moment. The same of course also applies to any positive feelings. The special thing about it is that you can interpret/feel any emotions of the other person. When someone is sad you feel that feeling. The posture, facial expressions, gestures and facial expression reveal this condition. Ultimately, you carry your own feelings out into the outside world. What you feel, your own thoughts and feelings are always noticeable in your own physical shell. The best way to read your state of consciousness is through your eyes. When a person looks at you with his eyes, even for just a split second, he is conveying his entire current state of consciousness at that moment. This can hardly be hidden or not with people who have a strong intuitive gift. When someone is sad, no matter how hard they try, in the end they still convey this state of consciousness. You simply feel it and can read this feeling in the eyes of the person concerned. For this reason, it is also possible to immediately recognize whether a person is lying or not. Seconds are enough to find out.

The transmission of the mental state

Eyes are mirrors of your soul

David Rockefeller: You can immediately read his mental state in his eyes or see that he has hardly any connection to his emotional parts.

Furthermore, the eyes also convey one's own mental state. As has often been mentioned in my texts, the soul is the 5-dimensional, energetic light aspect of a person. The soul is responsible for the production of harmonious states. Every time a person commits a positive action, thinks positively and/or legitimizes general positive feelings in their own mind, it can always be traced back to their own mental intellect from which they act in such moments. The mental mind is also responsible for the production of energetically light states (energetic density = negativity, energetic light = positivity). In this context, these energetic states have a huge influence on our external appearance and flow into it. The more you act from your spiritual mind or the more positivity you create in your own reality, the more inspiring your own charisma becomes. The eyes become clearer, shine more, dark circles disappear, skin blemishes become fewer and overall you look much more harmonious. This is exactly how you can see the goodness of the heart of a person who acts from their spiritual intellect. This primarily refers to the purity of one's own heart. If a person has mainly only good things in mind, is self-confident (aware of his mental mind, his true self) and has a strong self-love (not to be confused with narcissism), then you can immediately see this condition in a person. The eyes appear clear and reflect the goodness of your heart, which means that you have a much stronger attraction to those around you, as you appear happier and full of life. Conversely, people who largely act out of their egoistic mind or people who hardly act out of their spiritual mind, people who are hardly aware of their soul, tend to have cloudy eyes or eyes that seem “down” to the viewer. If you only commit energetically dense actions for years, then it has a very detrimental effect on your own appearance. Your own facial features then adapt over the years to your own mental and emotional state. For this reason, a strong connection to your own spiritual mind offers many advantages. Apart from the fact that you become more sensitive and can create a more positive environment, energetically light actions have a clear influence on your own appearance. The more intensively you act from your own spiritual mind and the more balanced your own state of consciousness is, the clearer the radiance of your own eyes becomes. With this in mind, stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony.

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