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In this rather short article I would like to draw attention again to a circumstance that has become increasingly apparent over the past few years, actually over the past few months, and that is specifically about the intensity of the current energy quality. In this context, there is currently a “mood of change” that seems to far exceed all previous years/months (recognizable on all levels of existence, all structures break up). More and more people dive into completely new states of consciousness experience a spiritual awakening of unprecedented proportions (a basic state of consciousness, which in turn is characterized by appearances, destructiveness, limitations - self-imposed limits, lack of sensitivity/self-love - lack, is increasingly recognized and changed).

Quantum leap into awakening more and more noticeable

Quantum leap into awakening more and more noticeableYou can really feel how a quantum leap into awakening is currently taking place and all old structures are being dissolved (The inner space of a person, which represents his existence, creation itself, expands massively in new directions - towards a true state of being). This further development is fundamental and, above all, as has often been mentioned, unavoidable, i.e. the current “phase of awakening” can no longer be stopped due to various aspects and consequently penetrates further existences from day to day. It is therefore a process that is almost impossible to escape and the changes can be seen and, above all, felt everywhere. A wide variety of factors are responsible for this transformation. One reason is a constantly increasing fundamental resonance frequency. In this context it should be said that everything in existence consists of energy, vibration and frequency (one could also expand the whole thing - information, form, sound, movement, etc.). Everything has a corresponding fundamental frequency. Yes, even our solar system, as a living organism itself (everything arises from mental states, just as everything in existence has an individual mental state. Whether planets, solar systems, galaxies or even universes, everything lives, thrives, exists and represents a complex organism), has at its core a completely individual energetic signature or a completely individual frequency state.

Everything in existence is an expression of an overarching intelligent creative spirit - everything is alive. For this reason, nothing happens by chance. The cause of every effect is spiritual in nature and everything therefore arises from mind, just as everything constitutes a complex organism. Even our mother earth has its own consciousness/life at its core and is therefore also aware of its output, which is why extremely many cleaning processes on her part, in the form of strong climate changes (apart from Haarp and co.) and natural disasters, do not take place without reason. .!!

Our solar system has been experiencing a massive increase in frequency for several years (due to the rotation and trajectory, a high-frequency range within our galaxy is reached after some time).

The ever-increasing energy quality - everything is coming to a head

The ever-increasing quality of energy - everything is coming to a headIn this regard, various aspects affect our solar system, which in turn favor an increase in frequency (Opinions differ greatly here. While some people speak of a galactic wave as part of a 26.000-year galactic pulse, others speak of a high-frequency cloud or even a circular movement of our solar system around the central sun of the Pleiades. The fact is that everyone agrees that there are unique processes taking place in the background through which a massive increase in frequency occurs, accompanied by an increase in the collective state of consciousness). In exactly the same way, humanity also experiences permanent frequency increases and strong cosmic radiation. Our earth's magnetic field repeatedly exhibits disturbances, partly due to stronger solar winds, but partly also due to influences that are currently inexplicable. In exactly the same way, the planetary resonance frequency continually experiences strong changes and the planetary circumstances are subsequently subject to fundamental interventions again and again. As has been mentioned many times, for these reasons there has been an extremely violent energetic circumstance that has been prevailing for months, through which we humans can break all boundaries and experience expansions of consciousness that completely change our view of the world. Due to these highly intense months, the collective awakening has reached a completely different level and we are now moving towards states in which we become aware of our own divinity (true nature) again. At the same time, there is also another circumstance that is responsible for the current very violent times and that is us humans ourselves. Yes, this aspect is by far the most worth mentioning, because the influence of a single person can be enormous. In this context, we are also all connected to everything on a spiritual/informational level.

Nothing is separate. Everything is one. As outside, so inside. As within, so without. Therefore, carefully consider what you do and think..!!

Here one also likes to speak of an all-pervasive basic consciousness (morphogenetic field) that ties everything together. Our thoughts and feelings flow into this field, just as our spirit penetrates the collective spirit of humanity. The more people have recognized corresponding beliefs as truth in their own reality or the more people keep information present in their minds, the more this information manifests itself in the collective mind. Conversely, this also means that similar basic ideas/feelings flow into the collective and, as a result, reach more people (If new impulses reach us and we suddenly come to new self-knowledge, then other people's minds have also benefited from these new insights, and our changed mental state also triggers corresponding impulses). In the last few years, so many people have awakened or expanded their own minds in spiritual directions that the influence is now simply gigantic. Especially in the year 2018, this awakening took on extremely large proportions and humanity, despite some chaotic/destructive circumstances outside that made it difficult to see, became significantly more conscious (applicable to all areas - whether a more pronounced nutritional awareness, seeing through political corruption/puppetism etc.). The increase in people who consciously find themselves in this process has become so great in the last few months that the current basic energetic quality is simply extremely strong in nature. More and more relevant information is flowing into the collective state of consciousness and changing it, which is why the basic energetic quality is becoming more and more intense and more and more people are awakening. For this reason, the coming period will also become increasingly intense and full of impulses, there is no doubt about that. The coming time will therefore automatically become more violent and more and more special + formative events will reach us. The quantum leap into awakening is taking place and the energy quality will therefore experience an intensification from day to day. Like the collective awakening, it is imperative. As I said, our combined influence is increasing and the collective spirit is undergoing an ever-increasing transformation. In the coming weeks and months things will therefore be even faster and faster. It will keep getting stronger. With this in mind, stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony. 🙂

I am happy about any support 🙂 

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    • Heike Odenhausen-Zart 12. August 2019, 21: 57

      All I can say about your information is WOW. Class thoughts.THANK YOU!!!!

    Heike Odenhausen-Zart 12. August 2019, 21: 57

    All I can say about your information is WOW. Class thoughts.THANK YOU!!!!