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The external world is only a mirror of one's own internal state. This simple sentence basically describes a universal principle, an important universal law that subliminally guides and shapes the life of every person. The universal principle of correspondence is one of them 7 universal laws, so-called cosmic laws that affect our lives at any time, in any place. The principle of correspondence shows us in a simple way our daily life and, above all, the frequency of our own state of consciousness. Everything you experience in this regard in your life, what you perceive, what you feel, your own inner state is always reflected in the outer world. You don't see the world as it is, but as you are.

Mirror of your inner world

Mirror of your inner worldBecause one is the creator of one's own reality because of one's own spirit, one is the creator of one's own world, one also looks at the world from an individual state of consciousness. Your own emotions flow into this consideration. For example, how you feel about yourself is how you will experience the outside world. Someone who is in a bad mood, for example, who is fundamentally pessimistic, will also look at the outside world from this negative state of consciousness and as a result he will only attract other things into his own life that are fundamentally negative in origin . Your own inner spiritual state is then transferred to the outer world and you then get what you send out. Another example would be someone who does not feel balanced internally and has an imbalanced mental state. As soon as this were the case, one's own inner chaos would be transferred to the outside world, resulting in a chaotic living situation and untidy premises. But if you were to make sure that you felt better yourself, that you would be happier overall, happier, more satisfied, etc., then the improved inner state would be transferred to the outer world and the self-imposed chaos would be eliminated. Because of the newly gained life energy, one could no longer endure this chaos and one would automatically do something about it. So the outer world adapts to your inner state again. Because of this, you are responsible for your own happiness.

Luck and bad luck don't exist in that sense, they aren't a product of chance, they are much more a result of your own state of consciousness..!!

In this context, good and bad luck are only products of our own mental imagination and not the result of chance. For example, if something bad happens to you, you experience something on the outside that doesn't seem to be good for your well-being, then only you are responsible for this situation. Apart from the fact that you are responsible for your own feelings, so you can choose for yourself to what extent you let yourself be hurt or even feel bad, all life events are only a result of your state of consciousness.

Only through a positive realignment of our state of consciousness can we create an outer world that gives us further positive life events..!!

The alignment of your state of consciousness is therefore essential. Bad or negative situations, situations associated with lack, fears, etc., are in turn the result of a negatively oriented state of consciousness. A state of consciousness that resonates with lack. Due to this negative inner feeling, we then only attract life events into our own lives that correspond to the same, low vibrational frequency. You don't bring into your life what you want, but rather what you are and radiate. As on the inside, so on the outside, as in the small, so in the large. With this in mind, stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony.


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