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September 2015 is a very important month for humanity because it is precisely at this time that we are experiencing a massive energetic surge on our planet. Many people are currently talking about a Galactic Wave X reaching our solar system and having a major impact on the human collective consciousness. Apart from that, a blood moon tetrad that is said to be significant for the people of Israel and ends on September 28, 2015 ends exactly in this month.

The Galactic Wave X

Various physicists, astrologers, mystics and other scientists are currently talking about a so-called galactic wave that will fully reach our planet from September. This high frequency energetic wave is emitted from our galactic center every 26000 thousand years and is created due to the galactic heartbeat taking 26000 thousand years to complete. Each time, this pulse beat unleashes a tremendous amount of energy, which is sent out from the galactic center and has a lasting effect on the entire galaxy.

This extremely light wave holds a tremendous energetic potential and has a massive impact on the human collective consciousness. In recent years we have repeatedly been hit by smaller electromagnetic currents, some of which were emitted by the Galactic Sun and some by our own Sun. These currents led to the fundamental energetic vibration of the planet being raised again and again. At the same time, these subtle planetary frequency increases also affected human consciousness. measurements of loveThe result was people who became more sensitive in their entire existential condition and increasingly opened their minds. People began to deal more and more with various "abstract" topics such as the ethereality of life or the current human slavery. So this galactic wave has nothing to do with the end of the world, but much more with a new beginning, a new beginning from which a peaceful and just world will emerge. An apocalypse in the media sense will of course not take place, but rather a real apocalypse.


What is that supposed to mean? Our media always tell us that the apocalypse means the end of the world, but that's not the case. In fact, apocalypse simply means unveiling/unveiling/revelation. These terms also apply to our current age because a global economic, political and historical unveiling is currently taking place. People are finding their way back to their roots and recognizing the mentally enslaving mechanisms on our planet. At the same time, humanity is reconnecting with the subtle aspects of universal creation and understanding that material conditions are only the result of a low vibrational frequency.

The galactic wave is unstoppable and is currently fully impacting our planet. The measured values ​​are currently rolling over from day to day, and are getting higher every day Bovis units (this is used to measure the energetic vibration, the life energy of substances or organisms) is registered and mankind is currently experiencing the new beginning of a gigantic cosmic cycle. At this point I refer to the page foundationforhealingarts.de which reveals the rising readings every day. A great site that I can only recommend to everyone. 

The Blood Moon Tetrad

Blood Moon TetradWhile some parties speak of the Galactic Wave X, others try to interpret the current blood moon tetrad, which began on April 15, 2014 and ends on September 28, 2015. This blood moon tetrad is mainly in the sign of the Israeli people, because each blood moon of the current tetrad falls on an important Jewish holiday.

  • April 15, 2014 = Passover
  • October 09, 2014 = Sukkot
  • April 04, 2015 =Passover
  • September 28, 2015 = Sukkot  

There have been blood moon tetrads again and again in the past millennia, but only very rarely a blood moon tetrad on 4 important Jewish holidays. Such a constellation occurred only 3 times in Jewish history and each time historically very important events occurred at that time that had a lasting impact on and changed the Israeli people. But this time the blood moon tetrad has other rare anomalies:

  • The event of a lunar eclipse is common.
  • The event of a total lunar eclipse is less common.
  • The occurrence of a tetrad or four consecutive blood moons (total lunar eclipses) is rare.
  • The occurrence of a tetrad with a total solar eclipse within their series is very rare.
  • A tetrad of total solar eclipses significant to Israel's history and the Jewish holidays is very, very rare.
  • The event of a tetrad falling on Jewish holidays with a total solar eclipse that includes a Shemitah year within its series is very, very, veryrarely.
  • But is a total solar eclipse tetrad historically significant to Israel and falling on the Jewish holidays, with a Shemitah year coinciding with the Feast of Trumpets (the Jewish New Year) within their series astronomically rare!

Are all these events just the result of chance? Of course not, because there is no coincidence, only conscious actions and unknown facts. We can be curious about what else awaits us in the following days, weeks and months, current world events are changing so rapidly that countless scenarios can be expected. The global revolution is unstoppable and it is only a matter of time before the financial system collapses. The demise of Federal Reserve power is definitely going to happen, a lot has been pointing to that lately, especially since China dumped billions of dollars in US Treasury bonds into the financial markets.

Since then, the economic system has been on shaky ground and more and more countries want to decouple themselves from the dominant world currency, the US dollar. Meanwhile, states are always demanding their gold reserves and thus weakening the financial policy of the Fed. The world is changing and we are in the midst of a quantum leap into awakening. We can count ourselves lucky that we were born into this unique time, can experience a complete system change and will enter the golden age together. In this sense stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony.

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