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In the past human history, the most diverse philosophers, scientists and mystics have dealt with the existence of an alleged paradise. A wide variety of questions were always asked. Ultimately, what is paradise all about, could such a thing really exist, or does one reach paradise, if at all, only after death has occurred. Okay, at this point it should be said that death basically does not exist in the form in which we usually imagine it, it is much more a change of frequency, a transition into a new/old world, which although from is characterized by peace and could also be perceived as a quiet place in paradise, but has nothing to do with it or with the conventional heavenly/Christian idea (keyword: reincarnation cycle).

The release from our prison

The release from our prisonDue to the newly begun cosmic cycle and the associated further development of the collective state of consciousness, the veil lifts again and people recognize very important connections regarding the world, see through more and more mechanisms and subsequently obtain answers to fundamental ones in the same way Questions. In exactly the same way, more and more people are realizing what paradise is all about, and the whole thing looks like this: Paradise as such, as we humans imagine it, does not exist, or rather, it does not exist yet . Due to the illusory world that has been built around our minds for mind control/containment, we humans live on an energetically dense planet (A Punitive Planet where wars, hate, poverty and the suppression of our individual creative expression are very present - A materially oriented world ). In other words, systems have been installed on our planet by elitist families that use disinformation, lies and truths (propaganda) to keep us humans ignorant, one could also say, keep us captive in an illusion. The reality that appears to us as normal in this context, that which corresponds to our own conditioned and inherited world view, is merely a fallacy, a misguided perception that, due to various social, industrial and media instances, leads us to contain our own spiritual condition, was brought up.

We live in a world where the expression of our own egoistic/material mind is encouraged and the expression of our own spiritual/spiritual mind is suppressed..!! 

So we don't see the big picture, but live much more in a world/in a reality in which we are mentally closed and, due to our own EGO characteristics, prefer to judge things that in turn seem strange to us. In parallel, we humans also act as human sentinels, subconsciously keeping down those who speak out for the truth and speak out to the illusory world built around our minds. We point the finger at other people, make fun of them, call knowledge that is critical of the system nonsense, a conspiracy theory, and as a result narrow our own horizons.

The suppression of a paradisiacal circumstance

Heaven on earthIn doing so, we humans could become completely spiritually free, could all interact together again on a peaceful basis, could love our neighbor, could live in harmony with nature again, could respect the animal world and at the same time create a world in which peace and Harmony is present. A supposed paradise could exist on our planet. We humans could manifest such a paradise on this planet again if only we would become spiritually free again. Even if it seems incomprehensible to many people, even if many people cannot see it yet, but everything is being tried, starting from extremely wealthy families, to maintain a sick/chaotic planetary situation. Our weather is deliberately manipulated, natural disasters are artificially brought about, wars are deliberately initiated, disinformation is deliberately spread, diseases are developed or invented and important remedies + revolutionary technologies are suppressed. In this way, you could cure every disease or free every person on our planet from diseases and make free energy available to everyone. But free energy (which is not fiction, keyword: Nikola Tesla!!!) was completely suppressed, the corresponding technology was destroyed (it would revolutionize the energy market, oil etc. would no longer be needed to generate energy, but certain families - in turn having a monopoly on power thanks to appropriate energy sources would cause billions in losses + loss of power).

In order to ensure that the system based on disinformation is maintained, not only are system-critical people exposed to ridicule, but countless system-endangering contents/techniques/products are also deliberately smashed..!! 

In exactly the same way, various cures for cancer and other diseases were smashed, simply because this would bring billions in losses to the industries, in this case the pharmaceutical industry (a healed patient is a lost customer). We humans are kept in an ignorant frenzy, made dependent on a system that permanently suppresses our mind (or a system by which we let ourselves be mentally dominated/suppressed).

Heaven on earth – paradise

ParadiseFor this reason there will be a paradise again at some point on our planet. So we are currently in a very special age, the so-called Age of Aquarius, which in turn, due to very special cosmic circumstances, results in a comprehensive finding of truth. More and more people are dealing with their own primal cause, recognizing all the enslaving mechanisms and are increasingly committed to peace, justice, truth and harmony. As a result of this spiritual awakening, many people are currently developing their own spirit and subsequently legitimizing a much more harmonious range of thoughts in their own spirit. Ultimately, one could therefore also equate paradise with a state of consciousness, i.e. a consciousness from which paradise/a paradisiacal circumstance arises again. The more people recreate such a paradisiacal state of consciousness, the more people legitimize peace, love, harmony, happiness, joy, tolerance and truth in their own minds, the faster the supposed paradise will manifest on our planet, there is no doubt about it . The paradise that is always talked about is therefore a product of our own mind, a result of a completely positive collective mind, or better yet, a manifestation of a peaceful and evolved human civilization.

Paradise is not a place in itself that just comes back into existence and reaches us, but paradise is, or rather will be, much more the manifestation of a balanced collective state of consciousness, an expression of a peaceful and above all harmonious human civilization..!! 

For this reason we should also be the change we wish for the world again. Every person is also in demand, so every person has a unique intellectual potential and can influence the collective solely with the help of their own mental imagination. Our own thoughts and emotions always flow into the collective state of consciousness and change it. For this reason, we should also become more peaceful overall and again embody all these positive aspects that we wish for from the world/humanity, in order to come closer to heaven on earth, to bring about the golden age faster can. With this in mind, stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony.

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