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How long has life actually existed? Has this always been the case or is life just the result of seemingly happy coincidences. The same question could also be applied to the universe. How long has our universe actually existed, has it always existed, or did it really emerge from a big bang? But if that is what happened before the big bang, it can really be that our universe came into being out of so-called nothing. And what about the immaterial cosmos? What is the origin of our existence, what is the existence of consciousness all about and could it really be that the entire cosmos is ultimately just the result of a single thought? Exciting and important questions to which I will provide interesting answers in the following section.

Did the universe always exist?!

infinite-many-galaxiesHumanity has been concerned with the so-called big questions of life for thousands of years. The question of how long there has been life or since when there has been an overarching existence in general concerns countless scientists and philosophers. Ultimately there are answers to all questions, answers that are hidden deep in the materiality of our existence. As far as the universe is concerned, it should be said that one should first differentiate between two universes. On the one hand, there is the material universe that we know. This refers to the cosmos, in which there are countless galaxies, solar systems, planets and living beings, etc. (As things stand today, there are over 2 billion galaxies, a huge indication that there must be countless extraterrestrial life forms!!!). The material universe had one origin, namely the Big Bang. The universe we know emerged from a big bang, expands at enormous speeds and collapses again at the end of its lifespan. This is because the material universe, like everything in existence, is universal principle of rhythm and vibration follows. A natural mechanism that every universe experiences at some point. At this point it should be said that there is not just one universe, the opposite is actually the case, there are an infinite number of universes, one universe bordering on the next (the multiverse - parallel universes). Since there are an infinite number of universes that border one another, there are just as many galaxies, an infinite number of solar systems, an infinite number of planets, and one could even claim that there is an infinite amount of life. In addition, all universes are located in an even more comprehensive system, of which countless systems border one another, which in turn are surrounded by an even more comprehensive system, the whole principle can be continued infinitely.

The material universe is finite and expands into an infinite space..!!

Whether macro or microcosm, the deeper you penetrate these material worlds, the more you realize that there is no end to these fascinating worlds. To come back to the universe we are familiar with, ultimately it is finite, but is located in an infinite space, the so-called space-ether. This basically means the high-energy sea that is the source of our existence and is often referred to by physicists as the Dirac Sea.

The origin of our existence – the immaterial universe

the-immaterial-universeThe energy that is in this infinite sea has already been mentioned in a wide variety of treatises and writings. In Hindu teachings this primal energy is described as Prana, in Chinese emptiness in Daoism (teaching of the way) as Qi. Various tantric scriptures refer to this energy source as Kundalini. Other terms would be orgone, zero point energy, torus, akasha, ki, od, breath or ether. Now we also have a basis from which our universe emerged (the universe cannot have arisen from nothing, because nothing can arise from nothing). The material universe with its beginning Big Bang is ultimately only a result of the immaterial cosmos. The immaterial universe, in turn, consists deep inside of space-timeless, energetic states. These energetic states form the structure of an overarching power that characterizes the immaterial universe and represents our original cause, namely consciousness. Everything in existence is merely an expression of consciousness and the thought processes that arise from it. Everything that has ever been created can only be traced back to the mental imagination of a living being. For this reason, Albert Einstein claimed that our universe is the result of a single thought. He was absolutely right about that. The universe we know is ultimately just an expression of consciousness, an expression of an intelligent creative spirit. For this reason, consciousness is also the highest entity in existence, which are the 2 highest vibrational states that can arise from consciousness light and love. In this context, consciousness has always existed and will exist forever. There is no higher power, God is essentially a gigantic consciousness and was not created by anyone but is continually re-creating/re-experiencing itself. Consciousness, which in turn consists of energy that vibrates at an individual frequency, flows through the entire creation. There is no place where this tremendous power does not exist. Even seemingly empty, dark spaces, for example the seemingly empty spaces of the universe, deep down consist exclusively of pure light, energy that vibrates at an extremely high frequency.

The immaterial universe has always existed and will exist forever..!!

Albert Einstein also gained this insight, which is why in the 20s he revised his original thesis of the seemingly empty spaces of the universe and corrected that this space-ether was an already existing energy-rich network (since this knowledge was suppressed by different authorities to control the human state of consciousness his new insight was not very well received). An energetic source that is given form by intelligent spirit (consciousness). Consciousness is therefore the source of our life and is responsible for the creation of the material universe. The special thing about it is that consciousness or the energetic sea or rather the immaterial universe can never disappear. It has always existed and will exist forever. Just as the moment we are in can never expire, an eternally stretching moment that has always been, is and will be, but that is another story. With this in mind, stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony.

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    • Tom 13. August 2019, 20: 17

      It's really crazy, you can't even imagine it. Does that also mean that there are other material forms and that there is a kind of parallel universe where it looks exactly like our universe only that there are other living beings on earth

    Tom 13. August 2019, 20: 17

    It's really crazy, you can't even imagine it. Does that also mean that there are other material forms and that there is a kind of parallel universe where it looks exactly like our universe only that there are other living beings on earth