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We feel so comfortable in nature because it doesn't judge us, said the German philosopher Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche back then. There is a lot of truth in this quote because, unlike humans, nature does not judge other living beings. On the contrary, hardly anything in the universal creation radiates more peace and serenity than our nature. For this reason one can take an example from nature and much from this high-vibrating one learn structure.

Everything is vibrating energy!

If you want to understand the universe then think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration. These words come from the physicist Nikola Tesla, who understood universal principles as early as the 19th century and developed free energy sources on the basis of them. More and more people are concerned with these ubiquitous aspects of the universe and understand that material states consist exclusively of vibrating energy. Seen in this way, everything in existence consists only of vibrating energy and the vibrational level of this energy is decisive for physical manifestations. Condensed energetic states take on material forms and light energetic states take on immaterial states.

Everything is energySubtle structures, for example, have such a high vibration level that space-time can no longer affect them and are therefore not visible to our eyes. However, as soon as the vibration level of an energetic state is sufficiently concentrated, i.e. the energetic particles of this structure vibrate more slowly, this state can become physically existent. Negativity of all kinds makes our existential basis condense and positivity of all kinds makes our energetic basis lighter or, to put it another way, higher.

Nature possesses a healing vibrational level!

healing natureFor this reason, nature has a relatively high energetic vibration level, in contrast to the industrially influenced human being, because nature has no judgments or commits energetically dense actions. If you were to create a scale from 1 to 10, with 10 representing subtlety and 1 representing materiality, then nature would place itself in the upper scale. People who are full of fears and the like, i.e. the classic person shaped by the media, would rather place themselves in the lower scale. Whether tree or human, both are physically existent and yet the tree has a significantly higher energetic level than the aforementioned "example human".

This aspect makes nature so special because the energetic basis of nature does not condense by itself, only man condenses it by destroying and poisoning nature due to his egoistic mind and the resulting ruthlessness. But basically, nature has a very high energetic level and for this reason holds a huge healing potential. Due to this fact, many sick people also travel to different health resorts. These are mostly places that have a healing and cleansing influence on our organism due to their high-vibrational natural environment.

Improve your own physical and mental constitution!

Nuclear Energy - DangerousIn order to benefit from this healing power, however, one does not necessarily have to travel to a health resort, as natural environments generally have a very high vibrational level. Just going for a walk through any forest every day improves our physical and mental constitution. So that your own health remains in balance, it is important to feed your own existential basis with high-vibrating energy. Daily walks through nature, a natural diet and positive thoughts increase your own energetic basis. Unnatural things lower our own vibration level again.

These include unnatural foods (foods that have been chemically or genetically modified), animal proteins and fats, Chemtrails, exhaust fumes, cigarettes, alcohol and co., vaccinations, most medicines, mobile phone radiation, nuclear energy or nuclear power plants in general (due to the dangerous generation of energy, there is generally a low vibration level in these places) and stressful thoughts and actions. So if you avoid the unnatural things just mentioned, it has a dramatic impact on your own energetic vibrational level. Our own reality then experiences an energetic surge and as a result we feel lighter and gain an improved state of health.

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