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At the moment, many people have the feeling that time is racing. The individual months, weeks and days fly by and the perception of time seems to have changed drastically for many people. Sometimes it even feels as if you have less and less time yourself and everything is progressing much faster. The perception of time has somehow changed enormously and nothing seems to be the way it used to be. In this context, more and more people are reporting about this phenomenon, especially in my social environment I have been able to observe this several times.

The Phenomenon of Time

My own perception of time has also changed significantly and it seems to me that time is moving much faster. In earlier years, especially before entering the Age of Aquarius (December 21, 2012), one did not have this feeling. The years usually passed at the same pace and there seemed to be no noticeable acceleration. So something must have happened why a large part of humanity now feels as if time is speeding up. Ultimately, this feeling is not the result of chance or even a fallacy. Time actually moves faster and each month actually goes by faster. But how is that to be explained? Well, in order to explain that, I must first explain the phenomenon of time in more detail. As for time, after all it is not a universal phenomenon, but rather time is a product of our own mind, a state of our own state of consciousness. Time runs out completely individually for each person. Since we humans are creators of our own reality, we create our own, completely individual sense of time. Each person therefore creates their own personal time. In this context, of course, we also live in a universe in which the time for/of planets, stars, solar systems always seems to run the same way. A day has 24 hours, the earth orbits the sun and the day-night rhythm always seems to be the same.

Basically, time is an illusion, yet the experience of time is real, especially when we create + maintain it in our own mind..!!

Nevertheless, we humans create our individual time. For example, when a person has to work hard and has next to no fun doing it, they feel as if time seems to be slowing down for them. You long for the end of the day, you just want to get the job done and you have the feeling that the individual hours last forever.

Time, a product of our own state of consciousness

Why many people currently have the feeling that time is racing (The phenomenon explained + The truth about the construct of time)In contrast, for a person who is having a lot of fun, is happy and is spending a nice evening with friends, for example, time passes extremely quickly. In such moments, time passes much faster for the person involved, or much slower for the hard-working person. Of course, this has no direct influence on the general day/night rhythm, but it does influence one's own perception of the day/night rhythm. Time is relative, or rather it is relative when we legitimize the construct of time in our own mind. Since time is only a product of our own state of consciousness (just like everything in our life is only a product of our own mind), one could even dissolve/redeem the construct of time completely. Basically, the construct of time only becomes real through our own mind. For this reason, time itself does not exist, just as there is no past or future, all these tenses are merely mental constructs. That which has always existed, that which has always accompanied our presence, is basically just the present, the now, an eternally expanding moment.

The construct of time is solely a product of and is only maintained by our own state of consciousness..!!

Yesterday happened in the present and what will happen tomorrow will also happen in the present. For this reason, time is also purely an illusion, yet it is important to note here that the experience of time is again real, especially when we create + maintain it in our own state of consciousness. Well then, only very few people seem to be completely free of time, are not subject to this construct and are permanently in the present, without even beginning to think that the rules of time do not apply to them, they are quasi of the Time liberated (A factor in stopping one's aging process).

Why does time fly...?!

Why does time fly...?!Ultimately, this is also due to the fact that we are so conditioned by our system – in which time plays a very important role (an example: you have to be at work tomorrow at 6:00 a.m. – time pressure) – that construct of time is permanently present. Nevertheless, at some point time will no longer play a special role for us humans, especially when the golden age begins. Until then, however, we humans continue to experience a feeling of accelerated time. Ultimately, this is also related to the current vibrational state. Since the newly begun Age of Aquarius, the vibrational frequency of our planet has increased more and more. As a result, our own vibration frequency also increases continuously. The higher the frequency of our own state of consciousness in this regard, the faster time passes for us as a result. The high frequencies accelerate all processes on our planet. Be it the dismantling of mechanisms based on deception, the spreading of the truth about our own primal ground, the further development of the collective state of consciousness, the increased and faster occurring power of manifestation, everything automatically passes/happens faster. You could compare it again with the example of joy. When you are joyful, your own frequency increases, you are happy and you feel time passing faster for you, or rather you do not think about time at such moments and experience the progressive expansion of the present (the eternal moment).

The sense of time is always necessarily linked to the alignment of our own mind. The higher our state of consciousness vibrates, the faster time passes for us too..!! 

A planetary vibration frequency increase is currently taking place, which means that people's perception of time is constantly changing. This process is also irreversible and from month to month we will feel like time is going faster and faster. At some point, time will no longer exist for many people and these people will then only experience the progressive expansion of the present without having to succumb to the construct of time. But it will still take a few years for that to happen, or rather a lot will still happen in the eternally expanding moment in which we have always existed. In this sense stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony.

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