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Now it's that time again and we're approaching the eighth full moon this year. With this full moon, incredible energetic influences reach us again, all of which can encourage us to trust in our own creative power again. In this regard, each person is also a unique being who can create a harmonious or even a destructive life using his or her own mental imagination. What we ultimately decide to do depends entirely on ourselves. In this context, everything that happens, everything that we experience, everything that we can see, is alsomerely a reflection of our own inner state, a projection of our own mind. Everything is mental/spiritual in nature and only our mind is responsible for the further course of our own lives.

Believe in yourself – trust in your creative power

Believe in yourself - trust in your creative powerFor this reason, we also have the incredible potential to change things for the better. We can create a completely positive state of consciousness, whereby we can then attract abundance and overall harmonious states/events into our own lives. We don't have to be subject to any corresponding circumstances or even a supposed fate. In this context, we ourselves are the designers of our own fate and can take the further course of our own lives into our own hands. If we release all of our own mental blockages again, if we no longer allow ourselves to be dominated by negative thoughts and emotions, if we trust our own creative powers again and use the power of our own mind to create a positive reality, then all doors are open to us open. We can then be the person we always wanted to be and create the life we ​​always wanted. Ultimately, it is only imperative that we firstly change the direction of our own mind and secondly that we begin to identify with our own soul again. As far as this is concerned, all states already exist within us and are anchored in our own spiritual core. Which aspects we live out again and which states we realize in the process depends only on ourselves. Yet these scenarios exist, embedded in our own minds. If everything seems bleak to you, if you derive a lot of suffering from your own mental spectrum, if you only see the bad in everything, then be aware that you can break out of this negative circumstance at any time. All of these positive life circumstances, the positive thoughts and feelings already exist within you, are aspects of your own existence that are just waiting to be lived by you again.

Every human being is a unique and important being. Our existence is therefore not pointless, but rather very valuable. So our own thoughts alone flow into the collective state of consciousness and change it..!!

For this reason, today's full moon in Aquarius helps us to trust our own spiritual powers again. For this reason, never lose faith in yourself and never doubt your unique potential. Never doubt the importance of your own existence and, above all, realize that you are a valuable living being with infinite possibilities. Positive scenarios that can be realized again at any time, in any place. With this in mind, stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony.

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