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Full moon

Now it's that time again and the seventh full moon of this year is reaching us. This full moon is under the sign of Capricorn and, in contrast to the last few weeks, which were sometimes very positive but also stormy, brings us some turbulent moments on all levels of existence. Whether internally or externally, crises, arguments, discrepancies and unrest are currently manifesting themselves at great speed in many areas of life. Of course, this is related to certain factors, firstly because of the newly started cosmic cycle, which repeatedly “bombards” our planet with high vibration frequencies, which leads to a confrontation with our own shadow parts (this confrontation ultimately serves to create a positive space, the realization of a positively oriented state of consciousness).

Serious turmoil on all levels of existence

Serious turmoil on all levels of existenceOn the other hand, more and more people are exploring their own origins, looking for answers to the big questions of life (what is the meaning of life, is there life after death, who or what is God), and are reconnecting with the creative Potential of their own mind apart (a person's entire life is a product of their own thoughts - the world is an immaterial/spiritual projection of our own state of consciousness) and due to this circumstance they are in a massive process of finding the truth. Because of this discovery of truth, more and more people are consciously dealing with the current system, gaining a look behind the scenes, understanding again why the chaotic planetary circumstance is wanted by powerful authorities, recognizing the consciously created mechanisms with which our state of consciousness is greatly contained will and subsequently rebel against the puppet politicians, system media, financial elite and other controlling authorities. In this regard, fewer and fewer people are being blinded and are slowly getting fed up with the lies + intrigues of our politicians, who ultimately follow orders from secret services, certain industrial authorities and other powerful families (financial elite who control our entire world + the banking system, – Simply put: A private family prints our money and lends this money to states, which then in turn become indebted due to the interest rates. These families become richer and richer, control all corrupted authorities and protect their perfidious system, people, with all their might those who rebel against it are again called “Conspiracy theorist" and Co. referred to, or in special cases also killed - see JFK).

More and more people are no longer blinded by the system based on disinformation and are increasingly committed to a free world..!!

For this reason, there is a crisis on all levels of existence; people are trying with all their might to keep people's state of consciousness down. Independent thinking + the search for the truth is specifically suppressed and so our spirit is per Chemtrails, electrosmog, dangerous vaccines, Fluoride in drinking water, massively contained, we are essentially kept ignorant, and as a result we become more indifferent and, above all, more judgmental.

It's about our freedom

It's about our freedomThis is how the state has produced people who protect the perfidious with all their might and automatically expose everything to ridicule or reject everything that does not correspond to their own conditioned worldview. As soon as something does not correspond to “normal” beliefs and beliefs, you point the finger at other people and discredit them, make fun of them and then accept an internally accepted exclusion from other people in your own mind. But time is changing and those in power on our planet are aware that their end is near and that they are losing more and more control. In the same way, our politicians know that more and more people are seeing through their puppet existence and are therefore bringing out ever harder guns. Especially recently, very questionable laws have been passed that are responsible for ensuring that we humans are monitored even more closely. For example, if tax evasion or other crimes are suspected, the federal government can now install a program/virus on our computer systems that filters all of our data or spy on all of our data - more on that here - be sure to take a look: New law borders on fascism. This is exactly how terrorist attacks are staged again and again, which at the end of the day fuels fear and hatred within our country. Fear of further terrorist attacks, hatred of alleged terrorists or religions (Islam). But almost all terrorist attacks in recent years have been false flag attacks that were deliberately planned and carried out to enforce certain laws and goals.

The truth about our own origin + the system comes to light on all levels of existence and can hardly be concealed anymore..!!

Whether 9/11 + the subsequent search for alleged weapons of mass destruction (the USA fired an atomic bomb on Nagasaki and Hiroshima, which means they not only have weapons of mass destruction, but have already used them), which ultimately only served to destroy Iraq destabilize in order to plunder its resources and to obtain legitimacy from the people for war and the expansion of their own surveillance system.

The truth can no longer be suppressed - the critical mass has been exceeded

A nation under controlThe same applies to the destabilization of Libya, where our media conveyed the message into our heads that Gaddafi was a dangerous dictator + child molester and we subsequently did not question the war. Or Ukraine, which was also deliberately occupied by the USA or its backers. Or all the terrorist attacks, whether in London, Charlie Hebdo, the attacks in Germany, German Wings (the plane was shot down), NSU (the state is behind it and is responsible for the “Kebab Murders”), the murder commissioned by the royal family of Princess Diana at the time , MH17, the plane over Ukraine was shot down by the same, or MH370, the plane that disappeared without a trace over Malaysia and had to disappear because of important patent rights involving billions, all of these are deliberately constructed and planned attacks by ours Governments are carried out and covered. This is exactly how huge pedophile rings exist that are covered by governments - hence so many scandals + Steinmeier's brutal fight against journalists who tried to expose such actions. This still sounds strange to some people, but it is hard to believe that our politicians are not responsible for our well-being and are, at the end of the day, completely corrupt in nature. But the truth is hard to bear, yet more and more people are saying it and all the productions and lies are being exposed more and more. So those in power make more and more mistakes. For example, bystanders like CNN filmed a supposed Muslim demonstration with complete facts, so more and more people are recognizing the one-sided reporting of our media, recognizing how they specifically denounce critics of the system, how we carry out war propaganda, against Putin and co. shoot daily.

Lies have short legs and so in recent years more and more people have uncovered all the inconsistencies that have increasingly occurred in the poorly staged attacks..!!

In all terrorist attacks, an extremely large number of inconsistencies were uncovered, police officers who were subject to a certain level of secrecy, actors who were first dressed as police officers and then changed their clothes and took on another role, passports of alleged terrorists who were used in almost all attacks, even in 9/ 11 were found, indestructible black boxes that apparently could no longer be traced, our mass media, which publicized alleged culprits within a few minutes, alleged assassins shown in the media who then reported from Far Eastern countries, were stunned and clearly proved their innocence or even Escalated demonstrations in Germany, which were deliberately destabilized by disguised secret service agents and police officers (so-called undercover agents throw bottles or stones into the crowds, start fights and call for violence - the same thing now happened in Hamburg - G20 summit - there were street battles intentional, by the way, there are also such provocateurs on the Internet; here we often talk about so-called network agents who deliberately spread disinformation and ridicule content that is critical of the system).

Tomorrow's full moon and the stormy times that come with it

Tomorrow's full moon and the stormy times that come with itFake images from ARD and co. were used for their propaganda reporting, but were subsequently exposed as fakes by many awakened people (ARD even had to publicly apologize and justify themselves several times), politicians who themselves already admitted that Germany was just a company and that they were the ones who are elected, have no say (Gabriel/Seehofer), dying former secret service agents who spoke about organized political crimes shortly before their death, NSA espionage that our government didn't even begin to address and Snowden, who was even portrayed as a traitor. All of this is giving more and more people food for thought and only a few people allow themselves to be taken for fools, only a few people still allow themselves to be held captive in the consciously created illusory world and have the courage to speak up about what only very few dare to do. Well, to come back to tomorrow's full moon, the energies are currently stormy again. Humanity is rebelling against those in power and is increasingly seeing through the web of lies. For this reason, it is now also about the people outside, who are now increasingly expressing their desire for a free world. People are increasingly looking outside the box and understanding how our states of consciousness are being played with, how we are being kept sick and, above all, how we humans are being deliberately fed disinformation and half-truths. Ultimately, as has been mentioned many times, this is related to a huge frequency adjustment, which at the end of the day leads to us humans recognizing our own shadow parts again, accepting them again and dissolving them, which makes it possible to remain permanently in a high level Frequency (creating a positive space), secondly, this also creates short-term space for aggression and conflict and thirdly, due to the strong cosmic radiation, more and more people find themselves in the process of spiritual awakening.

Due to the planetary frequency increase, more and more people are expanding their own state of consciousness, dealing with the consciously created lie construct and exploring their own minds again..!!

However, I would also like to mention at this point that one cannot only blame those in power for the current planetary circumstances. When it comes to this, we humans are responsible for our own lives. We can decide for ourselves how the future path of our own life should go, we can decide for ourselves whether we create a positive or a negative life, because at the end of the day we humans are all creators of our own reality. Violence is never a solution because violence only breeds more violence. There is therefore no way to peace, because peace is the way. It is important that we initiate a peaceful, inner revolution, that we make personal breakthroughs and no longer allow ourselves to be dominated by negative thoughts, that we free ourselves from the clutches of mental manipulation and create a free life again. The potential that lies deep inside every person. With this in mind, stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony.

The majority of ordinary people do not understand what is really happening. And she doesn't even understand that she doesn't understand. – Noam Chomsky

The media is the most powerful institution on earth. They have the power to make the innocent guilty and the guilty innocent - and that is power because they control the minds of the masses. - Malcolm X

“Look at the world: everything is wrong, everything is twisted. Doctors destroy health, lawyers destroy the law, psychiatrists destroy the mind, universities destroy knowledge, governments destroy freedom, major media destroy information, and religions destroy spirituality.” – Michael Ellner

Anyone who sleeps in democracy wakes up in dictatorship.” – Unknown 

A politician divides humanity into two classes: tools and enemies. - Friedrich Nietzsche

In Germany, the person who points out the dirt is considered much more dangerous than the one who makes the dirt. – Kurt Tucholsk 

The big ones stop ruling when the little ones stop groping.” - Friedrich von Schiller

We live in an age of mass stupefaction, especially mass stupefaction in the media. If you look at how one-sidedly the local media, from the TAZ to Welt, report on the events in Ukraine, then you can really report on large-scale disinformation, flanked by the technical possibilities of the digital age, then you can only realize that globalization has led to an unfortunate provincialization in the media world. Something similar happened and is happening with regard to Syria and other trouble spots. – Peter Scholl-Latour

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