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Now it's that time again and the sixth full moon of this year is reaching us, to be precise even a full moon in the zodiac sign Sagittarius. This full moon brings with it some profound changes and for many people it can represent a drastic change in their own lives. So we are currently in a special phase in which it is about a complete realignment of our own state of consciousness. We can now align our own actions with our own psychic desires. For this reason, many areas of life come to an end and at the same time to an essential new beginning. For many people, the topics of renewal, restructuring and transformation are currently very present.

The fire of transformation

The fire of transformationEverything that is not in harmony with our own intentions in this context now undergoes transformation and a special purification takes place. In this regard, many people are in a constant battle with their own fears, with their own mental inconsistencies, blockages and karmic patterns. All of these self-imposed entanglements keep us permanently trapped in a low vibrational frequency and prevent the realization of a space in which only positive and harmonious thoughts arise + thrive. Ultimately, we humans are currently experiencing a frequency adjustment due to a permanent, planetary increase in vibration, in which there is hardly any room for lower or low-frequency thoughts. At the end of the day, this means that we are confronted with our own inner imbalance in a tough way, so that we can then resolve it again, which only then makes us able to remain permanently in a high frequency. This cleansing process takes place on all levels of existence and transports all unresolved problems and thoughts into our own daily consciousness. These can be countless problems in our everyday lives. Maybe you are dissatisfied with your own job, you feel that it no longer makes you happy and no longer corresponds to your expectations in any way. On the other hand, it could also be partnerships from which we are currently experiencing a lot of suffering, or even a partnership that is based on dependency. In the same way, it could also be ideas about life that we have wanted to realize for many years, but have simply not been able to achieve. Fighting addiction is also a very, very important topic here. Some people may eat an unnatural diet, are still dependent and addicted to energetically dense/artificial “foods” and have not been able to break free from them in the past.

Every dependency, no matter how small, dominates our own mind and prevents active action or permanent conscious living in current structures..!!

The same applies, of course, to addictions of any kind, addiction to tobacco, alcohol or even other addictive substances that we consume on a long-term basis. We know that all of this does not correspond to our true nature, that all of this is contrary to our spiritual desires, that this clouds our own state of consciousness, dominates our own mind in the long term and prevents us from realizing a clear state of consciousness, a mind from which in turn a positive reality emerges.

The current high vibrational situation transports our own disagreements and self-imposed blockages, stronger than ever, into our own daily consciousness..!!

These self-imposed burdens have been burdening us for many years, but we have found it difficult to free ourselves from these vicious cycles. However, the circumstances are currently changing and in this context there is now a conclusion, a special transformation. The vibration environment is currently so high that we are literally being forced to make this personal change. All of these problems now result in severe complaints that can become noticeable in our own lives. Be it fears of any kind or panic attacks that suddenly arise, circulatory problems, increased flu infections, attacks of weakness, sleep problems, headaches or general physical complaints that are more noticeable in our own lives than ever before.

A lot of things are now coming to an end

A lot of things are now coming to an endBut the whole thing can also manifest itself in strong discrepancies regarding our social environment. More frequent quarrels, energy-sapping discussions and other family disagreements now make us aware of our own problems. But the whole thing can now change rapidly. Changes can now be brought about in special ways. As often mentioned in my texts, the year 2017 is supposed to be a key year, a year in which the intensity of the subtle war (low frequencies vs. high frequencies, ego vs. soul, light vs. darkness) is supposed to reach its peak. Currently, the ego is clinging to our own minds more than ever and is trying with all its might to keep us trapped in a game of fear. But there is hardly any stopping left. More and more people are feeling the current changes and are initiating personal change on this basis, beginning to realize their own heart's desires again and releasing old karmic baggage. I have recently noticed this phenomenon increasingly in my life and also in my environment. So I also became dissatisfied with my own lifestyle and began to change a lot of things, things that I hadn't been able to do in the last few years, for example. For example, I stopped eating meat overnight and began identifying with my own soul more strongly than ever before. All of these issues also put a strain on my friends and family and so there were drastic changes there too. One of my best friends contacted me a few nights ago and told me how he can no longer tolerate the current inconsistencies in his life and is now going to make changes. On the other hand, my brother also stopped eating meat (he only gets sick when he thinks about meat) and he told me about how he was currently confronted with his own ego, his own fears and dark sides.

Many personal issues are now undergoing transformation and a complete renewal of our own minds is taking place, a realignment of our own state of consciousness..!! 

Well, tomorrow is the full moon and the energies flowing in are currently very strong. A lot of things are now coming to a conclusion and we can develop massively mentally and spiritually. The conditions for a new beginning are perfect and anyone who takes advantage of the opportunity now to resolve their own problems will most likely have great success. Apart from that, the sun is now in opposition to the moon, which is why our entire bodies, whether mental, emotional, spiritual or physical, are in the process of renewing themselves.

Use the energies of tomorrow's full moon and start dissolving old karmic patterns and mental blockages, the conditions are perfect for this..!!

The conscious alignment with our own soul plan now gains the upper hand and all self-created discrepancies, negative beliefs, convictions, intentions and actions now undergo transformation. For this reason, we can look forward to the coming time, the coming days and should definitely use the energies of the full moon to create a completely free and harmonious life again, a life in which we are no longer afraid of our own fears let dominate. With this in mind, stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony. 🙂


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