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Full moon

The full moon on December 14th is in the sign of Gemini and catapults our innermost being into a feeling of lightness, allows us to become communicative and leads to a deeper understanding, based on the most diverse information that we are given every day. At the same time, the full moon in the current energetic month of December makes us rethink our own lives. It leads us into the realm of our own soul, lets us recognize important connections in our lives and heralds a deep purification phase. For this reason, despite the communicative aspect, there can also be a time of inner retreat. Ultimately, in this context, there is a massive rethinking of one's own life, a phenomenon that I am currently even strongly aware of in my social environment.

A deep cleansing phase is now reaching many people

full-moon-in-geminiFor many people, the current full moon heralds a deep purification phase of the heart. In this sense, many old blockages are released, karmic entanglements become clearly recognizable and negative/burdening thoughts that are deeply rooted in our subconscious, old traumata that have been burdening our day-to-day consciousness for countless years and as a result block our energetic flow can now undergo an enormous change. I am currently experiencing this myself in my social environment. Many friends and acquaintances are increasingly reaching their limits, have been doing things for years that they really don't want to do and are unable to break out of these patterns. One's heart's desires are suppressed, just as one's soul's dreams are subverted. This is how you rob yourself of your own freedom day after day and live a life in a self-imposed emotional prison. A prison that gradually robs you of your own vitality. Especially in the current newly beginning platonic year, human civilization is developing massively and many people are experiencing a tremendous transformation of their own lives in this regard. The days of submitting to these enslaving mechanisms are about to end. We ourselves can no longer accept this and now we would like to finally become free, we would like to realize our own innermost heart's desires in order to be able to experience true freedom again.

By living out our own free will, our own heart's desires, we allow inner healing/perfection to happen..!!

Every person has free will and no person in the world has the right to suppress this free will. Exactly, we should stop stifling our own free will, but instead pursue it, should finally live out our own freedom, which we so deeply long for. The full moon in Gemini helps us to finally face our own fears. We are now able to recognize our own vulnerability and can hand over deep emotional wounds to healing.

Allow yourself to be bold and embrace change

full moon changesIn this context, we shouldn't be afraid of our dark, negative parts, but keep them firmly in mind in order to be able to legitimize our own further development in our own spirit. We are now at a massive turning point in our own development and the conditions are in place to initiate this turning point. The universe is now asking us to follow our own heart. Listen to your heart, it will always give you the right answer. What your heart wants, what corresponds to your inner spiritual desires, should now also be realized. So face your fears, overcome yourself, bring the courage to change your life in order to be able to take a big step towards love and happiness in life. It is therefore now more important than ever to shape your life according to your wishes. Otherwise you experience a spiral of misfortune again and again, living a life day after day that you don't like at all. The longer you keep yourself trapped in this spiral of suffering and submission, the more your mental and emotional state suffers. Depressive moods are becoming more and more common, your own mind/body/spirit system is getting more and more out of balance and your own physical constitution is getting worse and worse. In the end, you only create the basic building blocks for bad secondary diseases and hinder your own inner healing process. The full moon is therefore perfect for recognizing your own heart's desires and prompts us to finally let abundance come into our lives.

Use the energies of the full moon to realize your own deepest heart desires..!!

For this reason, it is highly recommended to use the energies of the full moon in order to finally be able to take a direction in life that we have always dreamed of. If we allow this again, let change happen and finally adapt our life to our inner heart desires, then we create a reality that is so full of love and happiness that it will hardly be comprehensible for our own mind. Happiness is waiting for you and you yourself have the choice to initiate this new beginning based on your intellectual, creative basis. With this in mind, stay healthy, content and live a life in harmony.

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