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In today's low-frequency world (or rather in the low-vibrational system) we humans fall ill again and again with the most diverse illnesses. This circumstance – say, from time to time to be succumbed to a flu infection or even to another illness for a few days, is nothing special, in fact it is even normal for us in a certain way. That's exactly how it's completely normal for us that certain people nowadays suffer from cancer, diabetes or even heart problems. In old age, Alzheimer's or possibly even Parkinson's are often added, and are sold to us as a result of old age.

Don't judge your body when it gets sick!

Don't judge your body when it gets sick!In this context, only very few people are aware that we do not just randomly contract the corresponding diseases, that Alzheimer's or even cancer, for example, does not simply occur in the corresponding people, but is much more the result of an unhealthy lifestyle (unnatural nutrition - Lots of animal proteins and fats, finished products, soft drinks, fast food, sweets, few vegetables, too much fructose/aspartame/glutamate and other addictive substances) and an imbalanced mind/body/spirit system (if you want to know more about this, I recommend following article: How to heal yourself 100% again!!!). In exactly the same way, many people complain about it when they get sick, ask themselves why they were put out of action, why they had to get sick now of all times, even condemn their own bodies or even life itself as a result (Why get I am punished with this disease, why me?!). Nevertheless, at this point one should not blame life, the universe or even a supposed whim of God for one's own illness, but one should be much more grateful for one's own illness and understand that it only draws our attention to something important. An illness signals to us that something is wrong with our mind, that something is burdening our psyche, that we are not in balance or in harmony with ourselves and life - that our lifestyle may be putting too much strain on our body and it is now again necessary to allow yourself more rest, to change your own lifestyle or just to clean up your own problems and discrepancies in life.

Illnesses always make us aware of our own lack of divine connection and signal to us that we are no longer in balance, that we are increasingly poisoning ourselves and instead of light, we experience + create shadows..!!

As already mentioned, our body does not simply fall ill with corresponding diseases, but diseases are always the result of unresolved conflicts and other factors, which in turn promote an imbalance. Here one also likes to speak of energy that can no longer flow, corresponding areas of our subtle system that have formed a blockage due to our own mental problems. These blockages then prevent a continuous flow of our life energy (our chakras are slowed down in the spin) and in the long run weaken our own immune system, damage our cells, which of course also promotes the development of diseases.

The less a person accepts himself, the less he loves himself and, above all, the more negative he is spiritually aligned/attuned, the more likely he is to encourage the development of diseases..!!

For this reason it is important to get this energy flowing again and we can do this by letting our own mind come to rest completely and cleaning up self-imposed problems. Ultimately, this would also give us more self-confidence and, above all, more self-love, and we could accept ourselves more again - a point that is also very important, by the way. The more we humans reject our own body, i.e. do not love + accept it, the more likely it is to cause diseases (often even serious diseases). This lack of self-acceptance also represents a daily mental burden and ensures that we are not in balance. Well then, at the end of the day we should not judge our own body when it has developed diseases, but should thank it for it + then put the focus back on our own mind and realize that we ourselves have this disease again and only we can resolve this cause yourself. In this sense stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony.

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