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Self love

A strong self-love provides the basis of a life in which we not only experience abundance, peace and bliss, but also attract circumstances into our lives that are not based on lack, but on a frequency that corresponds to our self-love. Nevertheless, in today's system-driven world, only very few people have a pronounced self-love (Lack of connection to nature, hardly any knowledge of one's own primal ground - not aware of the uniqueness and specialness of one's own being), aside from the fact that we go through fundamental learning processes within countless incarnations, through which we are only able, after some time, to regain the true power of our self-love (process of becoming whole).

Remedy deficiencies – Immerse yourself in abundance

Fix deficiencies - Immerse yourself in abundanceThat more and more people are in the process of mastering their incarnation due to an overarching collective shift (no matter how difficult it is for some people to imagine) and approaching their true nature based on self-love, but is not intended to be a major component of this article. I would like to go much more into our true self, based on abundance, and also point out the temporary importance of our own EGO structures. In this context, because of various EGO personalities, we humans tend to create a reality (which we dive into for self-protection reasons), which in turn arises from a state of consciousness in which a lack of self-love is present. As a result, we then attract circumstances into our lives that are not based on abundance but on lack. Ultimately, this then refers to the most diverse circumstances in life, which we then experience and which are often wrongly confused with true abundance. For example, we can also attract partners from a state of deficiency, but then it is relationship partners who also experience corresponding deficiency structures and in this respect then serve our own spiritual and emotional well-being in a very special way. Admittedly, unresolved conflicts and other structures are often created within a partnership, but this has a completely different quality when we attract a partner while being very close to our own true nature (even if there are circumstances in which both together lead the way , towards fullness, tread/master, – But as is well known, the exception confirms the rule).

As I truly began to love myself, I freed myself of anything that wasn't healthy for me, food, people, things, situations and anything that kept pulling me down, away from myself. At first I called that “ healthy selfishness”, but now I know that this is “self-love”. – Charlie Chaplin..!!

A person always automatically draws what he is and what he radiates into his life, that which corresponds to his own frequency. A fundamental law that is irreversible, yes, that actually acts on us permanently because of our own ability to resonate (Everything is energy, frequency, vibration → spirit).

Getting closer to our true nature

Getting closer to our true nature - miracles will then happen As we walk the path to our self-love or the path to our true being, we also resonate with the most diverse people and situations across incarnations. However, since we experience various EGO personalities on the way to becoming whole, we also attract corresponding living conditions, i.e. circumstances that correspond to our temporary EGO structure, which is in no way reprehensible, quite the opposite, because as already mentioned above As mentioned in the section, it is only then possible for us to recognize corresponding structures in a direct way. Corresponding EGO personalities are also very important in this context, simply because they give us an identification. Otherwise, since we are unaware of our true nature (abundance, love, divinity, nature, truth, wisdom, peace, etc.), we would feel lost inside (we would have no real identification). A person who consequently experiences corresponding personalities, for example someone who identifies strongly through material goods, therefore needs this identification in order to have a temporary structure from which to draw energy (if this identification is satisfied by the acquisition of material goods, would that be accompanied by a positive feeling for a moment). However, such an EGO personality leads to many problems over time simply because it is based on scarcity rather than abundance like our true nature.

Love and compassion are the foundations for world peace - on all levels. – Dalai Lama..!!

In a partnership, for example, you could not give your partner any freedom, or you would be because of your own lack of self-confidence (self-confidence = being aware of oneself - true self, based on abundance/nature, divinity, etc.) and material orientation (the previous according to the example mentioned) bring about all sorts of limitations and complications. The lack awareness of both partners would then go hand in hand with unfulfilled feelings. Whether both then see through these patterns together, grow together, separate or remain within this pattern until the end of their incarnation depends on oneself, even if the best conditions currently prevail in order to break out of one's own EGO personality or to recognize these sustainable patterns.

miracle happening

miracle happeningHowever, since we are currently preparing for a Golden age move towards it and, as a result, many people come much closer to their own true nature, completely different circumstances become manifest. As soon as you get close to your own true nature, yes, you have already recognized + corrected a lot of deficiency structures and are moving towards becoming whole, miracles truly happen, because then we draw living conditions, partners and patterns into our lives that in turn correspond to our own true nature (the frequency of true nature). It is then through natural abundance that we automatically, from within our hearts, attract what was always meant for our true nature. Corresponding encounters then go hand in hand with a completely different intensity and, above all, depth due to mental maturity. A lot of ties have been broken and unconditionality as well as freedom come first. Partnerships are then also perceived completely differently. Touches and tenderness arise from a strong heart opening/fullness and can, in a magical way, make you tremble inside. Emotional connections crystallize more and more, simply because you become aware of (attract) these connections, which come from your own abundance. This natural abundance also goes hand in hand with a sharpening of all our senses. When dealing with yourself and the world, you become much more mindful and you experience much sharper vision, hearing, smelling and, above all, feeling.

The path to natural abundance occurs across incarnations and may often be rocky and difficult. Likewise, there is no general path that every human being should take towards abundance. Due to our individuality and because we represent the way, the truth and life itself, it is important here to find oneself, to be self-taught, to trust one's own way and one's own origin. We are the creators of our own reality and also work on completely individual topics. Our ways are therefore completely different and everyone needs their own impulses, even if, at the end of the day, they lead to the same instance, namely to the true divine nature..!!

Your own distinctive intuitive powers allow you to understand that everything has its meaning and that you are always in the right place at the right time. Along with this, we act more and more from our own heart and experience a being that we have learned to love with all its aspects. Yes, because of our true nature, because of the abundance that comes with it, we also experience strong self-love at the same time. And due to the current highly energetic time, we can all move towards a corresponding state. Especially when we allow the heart to open and indulge in spiritual/spiritual awakening. Miracles will then happen. With this in mind, stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony. 🙂

I am happy about any support 🙂 

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