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heart energy

That human civilization has been going through a massive spiritual change for several years and is experiencing a circumstance that leads to a fundamental deepening of one's own being, i.e. one increasingly recognizes the importance of one's own spiritual structures, becomes aware of one's creative power and leans (recognizes) more and more structures based on appearance, injustice, unnaturalness, misinformation, lack, blockades and fears should no longer be a secret (fewer and fewer people can escape it – Collective Power – All is one, one is everything).

Our heart as a dimensional gate

Our heart as a dimensional gateIn some of my last articles I have repeatedly drawn attention to the fact that our own heart energy is an essential part of the associated process of becoming whole (which in turn has been going on for countless incarnations), represents. Our heart, from which a unique/vital energy field arises and which is therefore responsible for countless fundamental processes, especially from a subtle/energetic point of view, serves as an important key to the experience/creation of states of consciousness, which in turn are influenced by the Using our own heart intelligence. For this reason, entering our heart energy is of the utmost importance (Similar to what happens when experiencing shadowy experiences, which at the end of the day show the way to opening your heart) and is closely related to life circumstances that are accompanied by peace, love, wisdom and abundance. Our heart energy or our heart also serves as a gate through which, when it is opened, we can immerse ourselves in completely new dimensions. Dimensions usually refer to different states of consciousness (Our current state of consciousness alone represents a dimension - which is why we can therefore immerse ourselves in new dimensions by creating a new state of consciousness), the situation is similar with the 5th dimension, which has been on everyone's lips for several years. Our heart or our heart energy, when it is completely in natural flow, therefore represents a fundamental factor when it comes to the permanent manifestation of a state of consciousness, from which in turn arises a reality characterized by abundance, happiness and unconditional love becomes.

Mind/consciousness that has expanded in a new direction cannot return to its old dimension..!!

The same also applies to the creation of states of consciousness from which we can work extraordinary/magical abilities (e.g. levitation, teleportation, telekinesis, etc.).

The importance of our heart energy

heart energyOur heart or within our true state of being and the flowing heart energy that comes with it, there are no limits. We therefore only deprive ourselves of corresponding states of consciousness/abilities when we identify with our mind (usually subconsciously) and are subsequently subject to self-imposed limits (something like that is not possible, it doesn't work, I can't do it, - blocking beliefs/convictions - programs, - analyzing/presenting something from the mind as invalid, - the search for the impossible, why something can't work). But the more we act from our hearts and the more we are rooted in our natural abundance and are also more and more convinced of our unlimited creative power, the more we believe in ourselves and, above all, the more we set our own limits and realize that nothing is impossible, that the impossible merely reflects limits that we have imposed on ourselves (legitimized in one's own spirit). The natural flow of our heart energy is therefore one of the most important aspects. It is not for nothing that countless attempts have been made (for thousands of years) to keep us trapped in fear and, above all, in a blocked heart (This is not intended to be an apportionment of blame, because we ourselves allow ourselves to be trapped/pushed into blockages - the main responsibility lies with us). The development/becoming aware of our own intellectual/creative abilities, along with an expanded heart, is a challenge for controlling families (It basically goes even deeper, keyword: entities, - war between the light and the darkness, - like on a large scale, so on a small scale, like inside, so outside) poses the greatest danger because this natural/fundamental combination makes us completely free and strengthens a connection to nature and our inner divinity.

Trust your heart. Appreciate their intuition. Choose to let go of fear and open yourself to truth and you will awaken to freedom, clarity and joy in being. – Mooji..!!

Likewise, a corresponding circumstance is always accompanied by a state in which we are completely healthy, because illnesses, aging and other destructive phenomena can always be traced back to conflicts that not only burden our mind (and consequently put a strain on our entire cell environment, – mind → organism – spirit rules over matter), but also keep our heart blocked (even if they ultimately lead to the opening of our heart - living through the darkness is important). Illnesses arise, just like everything in (our) existence, in our spirit, just as health, healing or extraordinary abilities are born in our spirit. Well, ultimately that's why our mind, connected to our heart, is such a powerful combination that we can use it to break through all boundaries and also create a life of freedom, abundance, love and wisdom. And that is exactly what is currently happening on our planet, i.e. more and more people are experiencing an increased opening of their hearts and also an increased awareness of their own true creative power. A revolution, beginning in our spirit, which is penetrated by our completely flowing heart energy (and this is not triggered by coercion, but as this connection is born within ourselves - we feel it), is therefore imminent and, above all, the expansion that comes with it of our inner space, towards a limitless life (that comes with miracles/previously unimaginable). Magical times lie ahead. With this in mind, stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony. 🙂

I am grateful for any support 🙂 

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