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Everything flows in and out. Everything has its tides. Everything rises and falls. Everything is vibration. This phrase describes in simple terms the hermetic law of the principle of rhythm and vibration. This universal law describes the ever-existing and never-ending flow of life, which shapes our existence at all times and in all places. I will explain exactly what this law is all about in the following section.

Everything is energy, everything is vibration!

Everything is energy, everything is vibrationEverything in existence, that entire universe or universes, galaxies, solar systems, planets, people, animals, plants, micro-organisms and all imaginable material states deep inside only consist of energetic states that oscillate on frequencies. Everything consists of energy, because apart from our physical universe there is a subtle universe, an immaterial basic structure that permanently shapes every existing expression. Due to its space-timeless structure, this all-pervading energetic web never ceases to exist and is crucial for any material expression. Basically is Matter also just an illusion, What we humans perceive here as matter is ultimately condensed energy. Due to the associated vortex mechanisms, the immaterial structures have the ability to energetically decompress or compress, and matter appears to us as such because it has an extremely dense vibration level. Nevertheless, it is a fallacy to regard matter as such, because ultimately everything that one perceives in one's own reality is only a mental projection of one's own consciousness and not solid, rigid matter.

Everything is in constant motion…!!

Everything is in constant motion because everything in existence consists exclusively of vibrating energetic states. There is no rigidity, on the contrary, one could even abstract to such an extent and assert that everything is just movement/speed.

Everything evolves and is subject to different rhythms and cycles.

Rhythms and CyclesEverything in existence is constantly evolving and subject to different rhythms and cycles. In the same way, human life is constantly shaped by cycles. There are different cycles that make themselves felt again and again in our lives. A small cycle would be, for example, the female, monthly menstrual cycle, or the day/night rhythm, then there are larger cycles such as the 4 seasons, or the consciousness-changing, universal one 26000 year cycle (Also called the platonic year). Another cycle would be that of life and death or rebirth, which our soul goes through again and again in many incarnations. Cycles are an integral part of life and accompany all creatures in the universe for a lifetime. Apart from that, this law makes it clear to us that nothing can exist without it evolving or changing. The flow of life moves on continuously and nothing stays the same. We are all changing at all times, there is not even a second when we people stay the same, even if it often seems so. We humans are constantly evolving and constantly expanding our own consciousness. Expanding consciousness is basically also something everyday, just in this moment when you read through this article from me your consciousness expands with the experience of this article. It doesn't matter whether you like the content or not. At the end of the day, as you lie in your bed and gaze upon reading this article, you will find that your consciousness has expanded to include this experience, trains of thought that were not previously present in your consciousness. Humans are constantly changing and for this reason it is also very beneficial for one's own physical and mental constitution if one follows this universal law and begins to live flexibility again.

Exercise is important for your own physical constitution…!!

It is very healthy if you live out the flow of constant change, accept it and act according to this principle. This is another reason why sport or exercise of any kind is balm for our soul. If you are in motion a lot, you act out of this hermetic principle and thus decompress your own energetic basis. The energy can flow better in our body and relieve our own mind in such moments. Exercise is therefore even essential to gain more health and always has an inspiring influence on our well-being.

Live flexibility and adapt to the law.

Live flexibility

Those who live flexibility and overcome deadlocked patterns will immediately realize how liberating it is for their own mind. Everything that is subject to rigidity does not have a long lifespan in the long run and must decay over time (e.g. if you are caught 1:1 in the same patterns/mechanisms every day, in the long run it will take a toll on you). If you manage to break through your old patterns and live a life full of flexibility, then this leads to a significantly better quality of life. You will experience more joie de vivre and be able to face new challenges and life situations much better. Those who bathe in the flow of change will feel noticeably more dynamic and will be able to realize their dreams much sooner. In this sense stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony.

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