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There are 7 different universal laws (also called the hermetic laws) that affect everything that exists at any time and in any place. Whether on a material or immaterial level, these laws are present everywhere and no living being in the universe can escape these powerful laws. These laws have always existed and always will. Any creative expression is shaped by these laws. One of these laws is also called refers to the principle of the mind and in this article I will explain this law to you in more detail.

Everything arises from consciousness

The principle of spirit states that the source of life is infinite creative spirit. Spirit rules over material conditions and everything in the universe consists of and arises from spirit. Spirit stands for consciousness and consciousness is the supreme authority in existence. Nothing can exist without consciousness, let alone be experienced. This principle can also be applied to everything in life, because everything you experience in your own life can only be traced back to the creative power of your own consciousness. If consciousness did not exist, one could not experience anything either, then there would be no matter and man would not be able to live. Could one experience love without awareness? That doesn't work either, because love and other feelings can only be experienced through awareness and the resulting thought processes.

Because of this, man is also the creator of his own present reality. The entire life of a human being, everything that someone experiences in their existence, can only be traced back to their consciousness. Everything that one has ever done in life was first conceived in thought before it was realized on a material level. This is also a special human ability. Thanks to consciousness, we can shape our own reality at will. You can choose for yourself what you experience in your own life and how you deal with what you have experienced. We are responsible for what happens to us in our own lives and how we want to shape our future life. Exactly the same way this text, my written words can be traced back exclusively to my mental field. First, the individual sentences/passages were thought up by me and then I wrote them down here. I have realized/manifested the thought of this text on a physical/material level. And that's how life works. Every act committed was made possible only because of consciousness. Actions that were first conceived on a mental level and then implemented.

Every effect has a corresponding cause

The principle of the mindConsequently, since all existence is just a spiritual expression, there is no coincidence. Coincidence simply cannot exist. For every experienceable effect, there is also a corresponding cause, a cause that essentially always arose from consciousness, because consciousness represents the primal ground of creation. There can be no effect without a corresponding cause. There is only consciousness and the resulting effects. Mind is the supreme authority in existence.

Ultimately, that is why God is consciousness. Some people always think of God as a material, 3 dimensional figure. A gigantic, divine person that exists somewhere in the universe and is responsible for its existence. But God is not a material person, rather God means a vast Conscious Mechanism. A huge consciousness that shapes all material and immaterial states and individualizes and experiences itself in the form of incarnation. For this reason, God is never absent. God is permanently present and expresses himself in everything that exists, you just have to become aware of it again. That is why God is not responsible for the consciously produced chaos on our planet, on the contrary, it is the sole result of energetically dense people. People who produce/realize chaos instead of peace due to a low state of consciousness.

At the end of the day, however, we ourselves are responsible for the state of consciousness from which we act. In any case, we always have the possibility to permanently change our own state of consciousness, because spirit has the gift of constant expansion. Consciousness is space-timeless, infinite, which is why one constantly expands one's own reality. In the same way, your consciousness expands as you read the text. It also doesn't matter whether you can do something with the information or not. At the end of the day, as you lie in bed and look back on the day, you will find that your consciousness, your reality, has expanded with the experience of reading this text. With this in mind, stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony.

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