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The hermetic principle of polarity and gender is another universal law that, simply put, states that apart from energetic convergence, only dualitarian states prevail. Polaritarian states can be found everywhere in life and are important for progressing in one's own spiritual development. If there were no dualitarian structures then one would be subject to a very limited mind as one would not be aware of polaritarian aspects of being could study.For example, how should one understand and appreciate love if there was only love and one could not have an antagonistic experience.

The dual presence is very important for your own development!

For this reason duality is important to learn from this principle of life. We are all incarnated souls who are born into this material world and have positive and negative experiences due to duality. These experiences serve our physical and mental development. Negative experiences and events are taken from our selfish mind generated. We are all creators of our own reality and therefore we can choose which experiences we want to have and in which direction we want our own life to move. Accordingly, we ourselves are responsible for whether we manifest positive or negative events in our reality. But negative experiences are important in order to be able to learn from them, in order to gain a deeper insight into one's own psyche.

dualityBecause we have the ability to experience negative experiences, we understand that we only need these lower experiences to learn from them that they are important for our own thriving. Negativity in the form of grief, self-hatred, pain, etc. condense one's own energetic state, but are very useful to progress in life, because from these apparently blocking experiences we draw a lot of strength, courage and are able to do so afterwards to draw much strength (The greatest lessons in life are learned through pain). Apart from that, dualitarian structures are also important to experience the separateness from God or divinity. Basically everything that exists is God because everything in existence, all material and immaterial states are just an expression of an overarching consciousness that individualizes itself through incarnation and permanently experiences itself. Since the human being is only a subtle entity and in all its facets consists completely of energy/consciousness, we are God ourselves. But God or the basic energetic structures have no polarities. We only create dualitarian states ourselves, these arise from our consciousness, are created by it.

Everything has two sides!

Everything has 2 sidesIn our physical world there are always two sides. For example, since there is heat, there is also cold, since there is light, there is also darkness, which is really just the absence of light and vice versa. Nevertheless, both sides always belong together, because basically everything is opposite and one at the same time. Heat and cold only differ in that both states have a different frequency, a different energetic pattern. But both states consist of the same all-pervading subtle basic structure and cannot exist without their opposition. It is exactly the same with a mouth or a medal, both sides are different and yet form a medal in their entirety. This principle can also be applied to humans. The principle of polarity and gender also states that everything within the duality has female and male elements. Masculine and feminine states are found everywhere.

Femininity can only exist because of masculinity and vice versa, and yet both parties consist of one and the same polarity-free basic building blocks of life, both parties consist of consciousness and create their own reality with it. Accordingly, everything is male and female at the same time. Women have masculine aspects and men have feminine aspects. Two completely different elements and yet they are one in their perfection. It's the same with everything in life. Our brain, for example, has a male and a female hemisphere (right - female brain hemisphere, left - male brain hemisphere).

Away from duality there is only "I am"

Away from duality, only states without polarity prevailLogically, only dualitarian states prevail within duality, but apart from duality there are only states without polarity, that pure I am (I am = divine presence, since one is the creator of one's own present reality). Away from past and future events (past and future exist only in our minds) there is only the everlasting present, an expanding moment that has always been, is and will be. When one fully identifies with one's Divine Presence and only acts out of present structures, no longer judges and no longer divides things/events into good or bad, then duality is overcome.

You then begin to stop evaluating situations and only see the divine aspects of being in everything. For example, one no longer differentiates between good and bad, since one understands that this thinking only arises on the basis of one's own judging mind. In this sense stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony.

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