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The Law of Resonance, also known as the Law of Attraction, is a universal law that affects our lives on a daily basis. Every situation, every event, every action and every thought is subject to this powerful magic. Currently, more and more people are becoming aware of this familiar facet of life and are gaining much more control over their lives. What exactly the law of resonance causes and to what extent this our life influenced, you will find out in the following article.

Like attracts like

Simply put, the law of resonance states that like always attracts like. Transferring this construct to the energetic universe means that energy always attracts energy of the same frequency and intensity. An energetic state always attracts an energetic state of the same subtle structural nature. Energetic states that have a completely different vibration level, on the other hand, cannot interact well with each other, harmonize. Every person, every living being, or everything that exists, ultimately consists deep inside only of energetic states. Deep in the material shell of all existence there is only an immaterial structure, a space-timeless energetic fabric that represents our present basis of life.

Like attracts likeFor this reason we cannot touch our thoughts with our hands, because thought energy has such a light level of vibration that space and time no longer affect it. That's why you can imagine everything you want without restriction, because thoughts are not subject to physical limitations. I can use my imagination to create complex worlds without being limited by space-time.

But what exactly does this have to do with the law of resonance? A lot, because energy always attracts energy of the same intensity and we only consist of energy or at the end of the day all only of vibrating energetic states, we always draw into our lives what we think and feel. Our thoughts and our sensations almost always form our subtle basic structure and this is constantly changing, since we are constantly forming new trains of thought and always acting out of other thought patterns.

You become what you think and feel

You are what you think and feelWhat you think and feel always manifests itself in your own reality (there is no general reality, since every person creates their own reality). For example, if I am permanently satisfied and assume that everything that will happen will only make me happier, then that is exactly what will happen to me in my life. If I'm always looking for trouble and I'm firmly convinced that all people are unfriendly towards me, then I will only be confronted with unfriendly people (or people who seem unfriendly to me) in my life. I then no longer look for friendliness in people, but look for and then only perceive unfriendliness (inner feelings are always reflected in the outside world and vice versa). One always manifests as truth in one's own reality what one firmly believes in and is completely convinced of. For this reason, placebos can also have a corresponding effect. By firmly believing in an effect, one creates the corresponding effect.

Your own world of thoughts always manifests itself in your own reality and since you are the creator of your own reality, you can choose for yourself which trains of thought you legitimize in your own mind, you can choose for yourself what you draw into your life and what not. But we often limit our own consciousness and mostly draw negative experiences or situations into our own lives. These energetically dense moments are in turn generated by one's own egoistic mind. This mind is responsible for the production of any energetic density. (Energetic Density = Negativity, Energetic Light = Positivity). That's why you shouldn't blame yourself, the egoistic mind is so deeply anchored in our own psyche that it usually takes some time until you can completely dissolve it. But if you become aware of this law again and act consciously from this powerful principle of life, then you can draw much more quality of life, love and other positive values ​​into your own life. One should be aware that negative thought patterns such as hate, envy, jealousy, anger, etc. only create constructs/events of the same intensity. Even if you can't always avoid them, it's still nice to be aware of them and to understand them. This is a much better way to deal with negative experiences.

Superstition and other self-imposed burdens

Black cats are not bad luckAccordingly, it also works with superstition, with luck and bad luck. In this sense there is actually no such thing as good luck or bad luck, we ourselves are responsible for whether we attract good luck/positivity or bad luck/negativity into our lives. For example, if someone sees a black cat and thinks that misfortune could happen to him because of it, then that could also happen, not because the black cat is bad luck, but because you yourself have these thoughts in your own through firm conviction and firm belief in it draws life, since one then mentally resonates with unhappiness. And this principle can be applied to any superstitious construct.

Whether it's the black plate you eat from, the broken mirror or the black cat, bad luck or negativity (in this case, fear of evil) we will only experience it if we believe in it, are convinced of it, if we allow it ourselves. The law of resonance is a very powerful law and whether we are/become aware of this law or not does not change the fact that this law affects us at any time, in any place, it has always been like this and will never be different because universal laws have always existed and will continue to exist. With that in mind, stay healthy, content, and continue to live your life in harmony.

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    Sven 10. October 2019, 19: 45

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