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separation pain

We humans have always experienced phases in which we experience strong separation pains. Partnerships fall apart and at least one partner usually feels deeply hurt. Usually one even feels lost in such times, experiences depressive moods depending on the intensity of the relationship, sees no light at the end of the horizon and sinks into hopeless chaos. Especially in the current Age of Aquarius, there are increased separations, simply because the planetary vibration frequency is continuously increasing due to a cosmic realignment (solar system enters a high-frequency area of ​​the galaxy). The human vibration frequency adapts to the frequency of the earth, which leads to strong frequency fluctuations within our society or rather within the collective state of consciousness.

The real reason for a breakup – frequency matching

separation painThis effect in turn results in a consistent further development of the collective state of consciousness, which ultimately makes our society/civilization more sensitive. In this context, the increased sensitivity affects one's entire life, one's attitudes towards life, one's own world view, one's own beliefs, etc. The currently prevailing high vibration frequency also ensures balance on all levels of existence. Everything that no longer corresponds to your vibration level, that no longer resonates with you, leaves you and everything that vibrates at your frequency comes to you. Ultimately, it is also a universal law, you always attract what you mentally resonate with. For this reason, far more people are currently engaging with spirituality, recognizing their own spiritual presence and becoming aware of their own creative power again (our lives are a product of our mental imagination). Nevertheless, current separations are initiated on a wide variety of levels and these can expose our deepest emotional wounds. Through the process of increasing the cosmic vibration, all of our lower behaviors are repeatedly brought to our attention in sometimes painful ways and indirectly ask us to be able to accept and transform them.

Separations usually reflect our own lack of self-love..!!

This process accelerates our inner change and lets us humans become spiritually freer/bolder/stronger. Ultimately, it's also about being completely in the power of your own self-love again and a separation is the perfect activator for your own self-healing process in this regard. If one partner is devastated after the separation, no longer knows what to do and has the feeling that they can no longer live without the other, then in this case the no longer existing partner simply reflects their own lack of self-love, their own lack of self-confidence or your own lack of self-confidence in mind (one could also speak of a lack of mental parts). Every interaction and every thought about lost love holds our own mirror in front of our eyes and challenges us to finally be able to stand in self-love again, to be able to recognize our own shadow parts in order to be able to return that (the partner) into that to be able to draw lives of your own, which corresponds to your strengthened/elevated/vibratory frequency.

Everything comes to one at the right time, in the right place..!!

Through such an experience you become more mentally and emotionally mature, learn to live more truthfully and increasingly develop your own spiritual potential. As far as that is concerned, one's own lack of self-love is shown to one's own lack of self-love in the most brutal way, especially in the twin soul process. But the separation with the dual soul should also take place in exactly the same way, there is an important reason and it enables us to break out of our own vicious cycle so that we can finally embark on our path to self-healing (physically - mentally - spiritually). Only when you can do this again and become spiritually free in this context and act from a pure heart again does the person enter your life, the partner that is intended for you, a soul mate. As far as this is concerned, I have an exciting and interesting video for you here in which the importance of a separation, especially the separation with the dual soul, is explained in a clear way. For all of you who are currently in this process and may be going through such a painful time, I can only highly recommend this video 🙂 . In this sense stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony.

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