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Lunar eclipse

As has already been mentioned several times in several articles, a total lunar eclipse is reaching us today. This event represents an important part of the current process of spiritual awakening and once again intensifies the current energy quality (and on a very large scale). At the beginning I would like to explicitly point out that humanity has been experiencing a period of spiritual awakening for several years. Essentially, this is a process that has been going on for thousands of years, but has only reached a point in recent years (2012 – Beginning of the apocalyptic = unveiling/revelation years), where we experience a massive spiritual unveiling.

Basic intentions

The rediscovery of our divinityOne could also equate this spiritual unveiling with a return to our true divine nature, i.e. within this process we automatically or over a longer period of time experience a huge inner realignment and immerse ourselves in states of consciousness that were previously completely unknown to us. The path of rediscovery (manifestation) of our own divine self, consisting of wisdom, love, peace, self-sufficiency, freedom and independence, therefore occurs, at least as a rule, through various paths. In this context, we are repeatedly given a wide variety of self-knowledge and we also experience, step by step, an ever-increasing opening of our hearts (our heart energy begins to flow more intensively - our energy system feels flushed and completely readjusted - here we also like to speak of a cleansing of our own blockages). The self-knowledges are in turn very diverse in nature and all, taken as a whole, represent an aspect of our becoming whole. Essentially or simply abstracted, it is about fundamental principles regarding our own existence. You learn again, autodidactically, to understand why the entire existence is a spiritual product and why the world as we experience it also arises from our own mind. This also includes the knowledge that we ourselves represent life or the space in which everything happens, that as creators of our own reality we have limitless abilities and can completely reshape the world, especially if we impose our own Push boundaries. Ultimately, this also goes hand in hand with a completely changed view of the world. All beliefs change and we get a feeling for living conditions that are based on appearances, unnaturalness, injustice and unrest, i.e. we recognize and see through the mechanisms of the system that surrounds us and understand how our true nature is concealed within this system (modern slavery - you live in a prison that is purely mental in nature).

Blood Moon & Portal Day – Exceptional energy quality

Blood moon Well, ultimately this is something that more and more people are becoming aware of. Just as more and more people find themselves within this process of spiritual awakening and consequently give their very individual impulses automatically into the collective spirit. For years there has been an increasing acceleration, as a result of which more and more people are confronted with corresponding impulses and find themselves in this process. And as more and more people experience a beginning spiritual awakening every day (Spirituality = spirituality – the teaching of the spirit), consequently corresponding impulses increasingly flow into the collective state of consciousness. We are moving towards a critical mass of awakened people, which will ultimately initiate a complete upheaval. Ultimately, this is also a reason why we have experienced such a strong acceleration in the process of spiritual awakening in the past few weeks (4 months). In this regard, things have been going really hard since September/October last year, at least from a spiritual/energetic point of view, and that is partly due to the fact that an extremely large number of people now find themselves in this process, in other words, because there are more and more of them every day As people become, and now to an extreme extent, the days become more intense, more enlightening and significantly more energetic, simply as the level of the collective state of consciousness rises.

Today's total lunar eclipse heralds the first peak at the beginning of the year and brings us energetic influences that can fundamentally change the collective state of consciousness. It is therefore also an important event that in turn has enormous purification potential for us and certainly promotes strong expansions of consciousness and self-knowledge..!!

There is no doubt that the coming weeks and months will become increasingly intense and bring us very special moments. And tomorrow's total lunar eclipse represents a very special start to the year and symbolizes the current transformation and cleansing. The day will therefore 100% be accompanied by extremely strong impulses and massively support planetary further development. In this context, we must not forget that today is also a portal day, which also makes the strong influences more understandable, because portal days in particular always symbolically represent days on which an extraordinarily strong energy quality reaches us. The fact that today's full moon is also referred to as a supermoon, i.e. a full moon that is at the point closest to the Earth and is associated with significantly stronger influences due to this proximity, is really no longer surprising and also illustrates the enormous intensity of today's full moon .

But what is a total lunar eclipse anyway?

Blood moonWell, finally I would like to take up the core of the lunar eclipse again and explain it. In contrast to a partial solar eclipse, which occurs when the umbra of the Moon misses the Earth and as a result only the penumbra falls on the Earth's surface (the moon positions/shifts between the sun and the earth, but only covers part of the sun), a total lunar eclipse occurs when the Earth “pushes” between the sun and the moon, meaning that no direct sunlight falls on the lunar surface. The entire side of the moon that we can see is then completely in the darkest part of the Earth's shadow. You could also say that the sun, earth and moon are on a line, which means that the moon completely enters the shadow of the earth. The moon also often appears reddish (it can also take on an orange, dark yellow or even brown “discoloration” due to dust and clouds in the earth's atmosphere), because some of the sun's rays are redirected from the earth's atmosphere to the moon's surface, despite the darkness. During this process, some “components” of the light are filtered out, which then leads to the red appearance. The total lunar eclipse took place tonight (from 03:40 a.m.) and was visible in our latitudes. Well, last but not least, I would like to quote another section from the website esoterik-plus.net, in which today's total lunar eclipse was taken up:

“This blood moon allows our deepest emotions to emerge. We are particularly receptive to visions, inner images and dreams. The moon represents the unconscious, our intuition and instincts. When it darkens, we feel the impact on the subconscious, spiritual level. We gain insights into hidden and split-off parts of the soul that can lead us to the deep roots of the soul. We can now often become frighteningly aware of emotional complications, which can lead to detachment from unhealthy relationships. Lunar eclipses can also trigger family and relationship drama. The nature of an eclipse is considered to be powerfully changing. Since the lunar nodes are involved in an eclipse, we experience times in which we have the choice to give our fate a completely new direction and thereby bring about change.

This full moon is energetically charged by the total lunar eclipse. The mood changes suddenly after the tough time of Capricorn and brings with it the deep desire for freedom and independence. Combined with this is the urge to free yourself from restrictive situations that are no longer consistent, to leave the old behind and start something completely new. The full moon in Leo and the sun in Aquarius are opposite each other. The Moon in Leo symbolizes self-expression and heart energy. Mars on this full moon axis increases the willingness to take risks for everything that is unusual and innovative. The yearly ruler Mercury is also involved and makes us aware that it is time for a clear statement or assessment of our position in order to decide what we need to change in our lives. Old principles of success need to be reconsidered in all areas. The previous ideas and standards of success will no longer apply in the future. The strong lunar energies will ensure that outdated beliefs, relationships and professional matters are viewed from a holistic perspective and prompt us to initiate necessary changes.

Because this Super Full Moon coincides with the Lunar Node, it has implications for our future collective destiny. The full moon in Leo brings us clarity about our needs and gives us the opportunity to let go.”

On this friends day, I wish you an exciting and, above all, knowledgeable full moon day. Stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony. 🙂

I am happy about any support 🙂 

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