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In today's world, more and more people are starting to be vegetarian or even vegan. The consumption of meat is increasingly rejected, which can be attributed to a collective mental reorientation. In this context, many people experience a completely new awareness of nutrition and subsequently gain a new understanding of health, nutrition and above all for the importance of natural foods.

Animals should be taken off the menu

The truth about meat consumption

Source: https://www.facebook.com/easyfoodtv/

As has been mentioned several times in my articles, this change in our own nutritional awareness is the result of a tremendous change, through which we not only reconsider our own eating habits, but we also become much more sensitive, truth-oriented (system-critical) and conscious (im living in harmony with nature). We recognize again profound connections regarding our own origin and begin to manifest a completely new circumstance. The fact that more and more people are now eating vegetarian or vegan food is therefore not a trend, as is often claimed, but it is an inevitable consequence of the current intellectual change. People understand again that meat consumption brings countless problems with it and is rather detrimental to our health.

Due to a tremendous change, which triggered the first major collective changes, especially in 2012, more and more people are starting to live vegetarian, vegan or rather naturally. This is not a trend either, but an ever-growing consequence of a newly started cosmic cycle..!! 

Because apart from countless antibiotic residues or even negative energies/information that are anchored in the meat (animals in factory farming or in general animals that did not have a fulfilled life before they were slaughtered, transfer their fear, their negative feelings to their body, which we then consume again), meat is one of the bad acid generators (animal proteins and fats contain amino acids that form bad acids in our body) and therefore put a strain on our cell environment (Otto Warburg – no disease can develop in an alkaline and oxygen-rich cell environment, not even cancer) .

The murder of other living beings


Source: https://www.facebook.com/easyfoodtv/

In addition, of course, there is the daily murder of animals through meat consumption. Yes, we allow the lives of other living beings to be taken, primarily to satisfy our sense of taste (although we often cannot admit this to ourselves, human beings are addicted to meat). And because of a selfish view that animals are of lesser value than humans, some people don't even recognize it as murder. The murder of animals is seen much more as an inescapable necessity. Nevertheless, countless animals are tortured, held captive and murdered every day. Basically, this is a horrible fact that cannot be sugarcoated in any way. Well then, in the following video linked below, it is explained again in a very special way why we humans do not have the right to take the lives of other living beings. The vegan Philip Wollen speaks in an ethics debate about the consumption of meat and argues for the need to no longer consume animal products. A very exciting video that I can only recommend to everyone.

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