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Things happen every day in the world that we humans often cannot understand. Often we just shake our heads and bewilderment spreads across our faces. But everything that happens has an important background. Nothing is left to chance, everything that happens arises exclusively from conscious actions. There are many relevant events and hidden knowledge that is deliberately withheld from us. In the following section I present to you the highly interesting documentary Thrive, a documentary that deals very constructively with our contemporary world.

A new world is emerging!

The documentary Thrive explains in detail who really are the ruling powers of our world, what the torus and free energy are all about, why interest rate policy and our capitalist economy enslaves us, how and why our planet is being polluted across the board and how and how .why corporations are playing to their seemingly limitless power. At the same time, the documentation also reveals ways out of the long-lasting misery and shows us how we can get out of it.

Each and every human being is creating their own reality at all times, and with the proper use of our present creative powers, we can shape a world beyond our wildest dreams. I can really recommend the documentation to you, because in my opinion, Thrive is by far one of the best and most exciting documentaries of our time.

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