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the man from earth

The man from earth is a 2007 American low budget science fiction film directed by Richard Schenkman. The film is a very special work. Due to the unique screenplay, it is particularly thought-provoking. The film is mainly about the protagonist John Oldman, who in the course of a conversation reveals to his work colleagues that he has been alive for 14000 years and is immortal. In the course of the evening, the conversation develops into a fascinating one Story that ends in a grandiose finale.

Every beginning is difficult!

At the beginning of the film, Professor John Oldman is loading his pickup truck with moving boxes and other items when he is surprisingly visited by his work colleagues who want to say goodbye to him. Of course, everyone involved wants to know where John's journey is going. After much urging, the other professors manage to elicit his story from John. From that moment on, John tells his unique story in great detail. In doing so, he constantly encounters speechless faces whose facial expressions are predominantly characterized by fascination, but also by implausibility. Although John's story seems very abstract to the others, it is still coherent as a whole.

For this reason, a simple farewell develops into a unique and memorable evening. The film gives a lot of food for thought. He addresses interesting topics that one could philosophize about for hours. For example, can man attain physical immortality? Is it possible to stop the aging process? How would one feel if one had been alive for many thousands of years. A really exciting film that I can warmly recommend to you.

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